Falcon and Domino Ch. 08

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There was a spring in Dirk Peterson’s step when he arrived at The Grand Hotel that afternoon. He entered the lounge where he saw his girlfriend, Sadie Newman, and her employer – property magnate Aaron Lansdown. When their drinks arrived, Aaron Lansdown wasted no time getting to the point.

‘I’ve got contractors waiting to start work on my new development Mr Peterson, and I need them to start by the beginning of December, which is less than four weeks away. I want those whores and winos off my land. The cops don’t seem to be able to do it, and I guess the only person who can help is Falcon. So that’s why I’ve come to you.’

‘I don’t see how I can help Mr Lansdown,’ said Dirk.

‘Of course you can. I’m offering a one million dollar reward to Falcon, if he clears those people off my land. I’d like you to publish that in your newspaper.’

Dirk was taken aback by Lansdown’s words. ‘I’ll need to speak to my editor.’

‘I already have,’ replied Lansdown. ‘He’s a good friend of mine and he’s told me you’re his best reporter. I want you to run a story, telling your readers about the benefits of my new development to this city. Let them know that the police are incapable, or unwilling to take these whores seriously. Make it clear that if Falcon gets rid of them for good, he’ll be a rich man.’

‘I’m not sure Falcon can help. I hear he’s just a fruitcake in a costume,’ said Dirk.

‘Fruitcake or not, I’ll pay him to clear my land,’ Lansdown replied firmly, bringing the meeting to a close. ‘It’s time we left. Goodbye Mr Peterson.’ Lansdown and Sadie left, and minutes later, Sadie returned alone. She flung her arms around Dirk’s neck and kissed him passionately.

‘I’ve missed you so much,’ he said.

‘I’ve missed you too,’ she replied. ‘Let’s get dinner.’

As they sat in a nearby bistro, Dirk looked into Sadie’s eyes as he admired her beautiful face and long black hair. They talked excitedly all evening, until Sadie made an announcement. ‘Dirk, I’ve been thinking. We can leave this city and live in my hometown in the Midwest. I’ve got a job lined up with a pharmaceutical company, and you could work on the local newspaper. We can start a new life together.’

‘I’d love to,’ he replied, then added, ‘I love you Sadie.’

‘I love you too Dirk,’ she said, without any hesitation. ‘So it’s agreed. We’ll hand in our resignations and move to the Midwest in the new year.’ Dirk wanted to jump up and down and cheer, but he knew there was one major problem – Domino. As long as she continued to blackmail him, he wouldn’t be able to leave the city.

‘Yes, it’s agreed,’ he said.

The following afternoon, while at his desk at The Daily Chronicle, Dirk received a message that he had a visitor, and found a tall, athletic woman with auburn hair waiting for him in reception.

‘Mr Peterson. I’m Police Detective Rachel Benton. Can we talk?’ she said. Dirk immediately recognised her from The Palace Hotel the previous weekend. ‘I’ve heard that Aaron Lansdown has asked you to publish a story that he’s offering a reward to Falcon to clear the prostitutes from his land.’

‘Yes, that’s right. Is there a problem?’

‘There’s no law against it, but it’s not something the police can condone,’ she said. ‘Mr Lansdown’s a wealthy and powerful man. He has a lot of influence on people in high places. Sometimes men like him think they can buy whatever they want.’ Rachel paused briefly, before changing the subject. ‘Have we met before?’

‘I don’t think so,’ he lied.

‘I recently saw a strip-o-gram who looked like you,’ she said. Dirk feigned a look of shook and Rachel realised that it had sounded like a cheap chat-up line, and felt it best not to continue. They shook hands and Rachel left.

The following evening at 10.00, Falcon arrived in the red-light district. He noticed that Aaron Lansdown’s heavy plant vehicles were now all positioned within a fenced compound a hundred yards away. The compound was lit by powerful arc lights, and security guards with dogs were patrolling outside the fence. He entered Domino’s lair and removed his mask, before going into the first room where he found her waiting for him.

‘Good evening slave. Remove your belt,’ she said. She led him through a series of rooms until they reached a door at the rear of the lair. Domino unlocked it and Falcon saw that they were in another section of the red-light district, occupied by vagrants, who were huddled around bonfires. The vagrants took no notice of them as they walked by, and they soon found themselves outside another converted warehouse with a neon sign that read, “The Kandy Klub”.

‘The recording is timed to be released at midnight. Although, I xslot won’t be stopping it – you will,’ Domino said, holding a small bag, which she placed in a crack in the wall. ‘In that bag is a cell phone with a pre-programmed phone number. When you dial it, a recorded message will invite you to enter a four digit code. This code will stop the recording being released. If you enter the wrong code three times, the phone will lockdown, so you can’t key random numbers. Only by entering the correct code can you stop the recording.’

They made their way to The Kandy Klub entrance, where a doorman in a tight-fitting PVC T-shirt stood aside. ‘In there are four mistresses. Each must be given a tribute and obeyed. Once they’re satisfied with you, they will give you a number. When you have all four numbers, you can input the code. You have less than two hours, so good luck slave.’

‘How do I know which mistresses to see?’ he asked.

‘Initially, you’ll find it easy, DIRK!’ she replied, and she turned to leave.

‘Wait,’ he called. ‘Give me a clue, please.’

‘You want another clue? Must I spell it out to you, DIRK!’ she said, before walking away into the night.

Falcon entered and realised he was inside an S&M club, and had to find four mistresses. Despite being clad in his costume, no one gave him a second glance, as everyone else was wearing fetish outfits. He walked into one section and saw a naked man strapped to a bench, while a woman in a long black dress spanked him with a paddle. In the next room, a man in a thong was huddled in a cage, while two women teased him. He then went in another direction and saw several men and women dressed in fetish attire stroking each other. Falcon had never been anywhere like this before and was out of his comfort zone. He needed to get the four numbers and leave – quickly.

He didn’t know which mistresses he had to find. He had asked Domino for a clue, but she hadn’t given him one. For the next twenty minutes, he walked through the corridors and alcoves looking for a solution. He then recalled Domino’s words and the realisation dawned on him. She had called him “Dirk” twice –each time emphasising his name. First she said “initially”, then “spell it out”. The answer lay in the letters in his name – D.I.R.K. He now understood that there were four mistresses, and each one’s name began with a letter from his own name. He returned to the doorman.

‘Is there a mistress whose name begins with ‘D’, he asked.

‘Mistress Delite. You’ll find her at the rear of the club.’ Falcon made his way there and found a room with a throne, occupied by a slim woman, wearing a black leather catsuit and stiletto-heeled shoes.

‘Mistress Delite?’ he asked. The woman nodded and Falcon entered. She held out her hand and Falcon realised she wanted a tribute. ‘I don’t have anything for you.’ She pointed to his groin, and he knew she wanted his trunks. He removed them and handed them to her.

‘On your knees slave,’ she commanded, and Falcon dropped to the floor. ‘Kiss my shoes.’ Falcon raised her foot and began kissing her black patent leather shoe. After a while, Mistress Delite raised her other foot and Falcon continued until she told him to stop. ‘Stand up slave,’ she said, and he stood in front of her with his arms behind his back. ‘You have done well, so I’ll give you a number.’ Without warning, she pulled down his tights and grabbed his cock. Then, with a marker pen, she wrote a digit on the underside, before pulling his tights up.

Falcon was stunned by this, and was too shocked to speak. He returned to the doorman. ‘Is there a mistress beginning with an ‘I’?’ he asked.

‘You’ll want Mistress Imelda, to the left of the bar.’ Falcon made his way there to find another mistress on her throne. This one was an attractive, busty, black woman wearing a tight-fitting leather dress.

‘Give me your tribute slave,’ she said, and Falcon gave her his gauntlets. Mistress Imelda ordered Falcon to kneel before her and kiss her shoes, and only told him to stop after several minutes. When he stood up, she also casually pulled down his tights and wrote a digit on his cock.

‘Thank you Mistress,’ he said, desperately trying to sound like someone who hadn’t just lost their dignity. ‘Where can I find a mistress with a name beginning with ‘R’?’

‘You’ll want Mistress Ruby. Her room is next to the ladies restroom.’ Falcon made his way there and as he passed the ladies restroom, two middle-aged women emerged. Both were wearing black PVC dresses, and were casually talking about the storyline of a daytime soap opera. Evidence that the club members were ordinary people, looking for some excitement in their mundane xslot Giriş lives. He entered Mistress Ruby’s room and found a slim Chinese woman, wearing a long red silk dress.

‘Welcome slave,’ she said, and pointed to his chest. ‘Please give me your tribute.’ Falcon removed his leotard and handed it to her. He knelt down and she placed her foot in his lap. She was wearing a pair of elegant strappy sandals and she ordered him to remove them. Once he had done so, she instructed him to kiss her feet. As Falcon slowly kissed each part of her foot, he recalled the cell phone. Once he had used it to enter the code, he would take it to Ramon in the police laboratory. He was confident Ramon would be able to trace its history and locate Domino’s location.

When Mistress Ruby told Falcon to stand up, he bit his lip as she held his cock and reached for her marker pen. Once she had written her digit, she dismissed him. Falcon knew he was almost there. Just one more mistress to endure and he could leave with a weapon to catch Domino. He approached the doorman again.

‘What letter do you want now?’ the doorman said, sardonically, and Falcon told him it was ‘K’. ‘That’ll be Mistress Kandy. She’s in that room,’ he added, pointing to a door. Falcon entered the room and found a tall woman wearing a bright pink PVC dress with matching boots and dyed pink hair.

‘Mistress Kandy?’ he said, and she pointed to his legs. Falcon removed his boots and offered them to her.

‘Not your boots! Give me your tights, you stupid slave!’ she commanded. Falcon peeled them off and gave them to her. ‘Put these on,’ she said, as she passed him a pair of black hold-up stockings. Falcon pulled them on and realised that this was even more humiliating than being naked. She told him to put his boots back on, and then said, ‘You can have your number if you win the contest.’

‘What contest?’

‘He who comes last – comes first. But beware, I will be your mistress and no slave of mine has ever won.’ She led him back to the area near the bar, where a crowd had gathered, and Falcon saw that two other men were on a small stage. One was young and slim, and the other old and fat. Both were also naked and wearing black stockings with women’s shoes. Both also had a mistress standing behind them. Mistress Kandy led Falcon onto the stage and they stood between the two men.

An MC appeared dressed in a black jacket, fishnet tights and top hat. She spoke into a microphone. ‘He who comes last – comes first. Let the contest begin.’ Mistress Kandy put one arm around Falcon’s chest and placed her other hand on his balls and started to massage them. Falcon immediately felt himself becoming aroused and realised what was happening. All three men were being stimulated by sexy mistresses, and the winner would be the one who ejaculated last.

Falcon knew that Mistress Kandy would only give him the final number if he won the contest. He tried to clear his mind of what was happening to him, but found it difficult as she expertly used her delicate fingers to stroke his balls. He glanced to one side and saw the young man was already fully erect, and his mistress had a firm grip on his cock. He saw that the older man was still flaccid and his mistress was blowing gently into his ear.

Mistress Kandy squeezed his balls, causing him to groan softly, and soon Falcon’s cock was fully erect. The young man’s mistress was now moving her hand rapidly up and down her slave’s cock, as he started to groan loudly. Falcon saw that the older man’s stubby cock was only partially erect, and his mistress was stimulating him frantically. Mistress Kandy placed her slim fingers around the head of Falcon’s cock, before taking a delicate but firm grip on his shaft.

Falcon heard a cheer from the crowd and saw that the young man had just come, and his mistress was holding up her arms in a triumphant manner. One down, one to go, he thought. As Mistress Kandy continued to stimulate him, Falcon could feel his balls tightening and knew he wouldn’t be able to resist for much longer. He winced as he desperately tried to hold back his orgasm. He heard the crowd cheering and felt Mistress Kandy increasing her rhythm.

He knew he was unable to contain himself any longer. But just before he climaxed, he heard another cheer and saw that the old man had just shot his load. Seconds later, Falcon cried out in relief, as he came, and was still crying while Mistress Kandy milked him. The MC climbed onto the stage and hoisted Falcon’s arm into the air, just before the crowd dispersed. Mistress Kandy led him away and gave him a towel. When he had cleaned himself, she lifted his cock and wrote the final digit on it.

‘You xslot Güncel Giriş did well slave,’ she said. ‘Traditionally, the winner spends the rest of the night with Mistress Lashes.’ A leather-clad dominatrix then appeared, and was clearly waiting for Falcon to go with her.

‘Give me five minutes,’ he said, and made his way to the entrance. ‘Do you have the time,’ he asked the doorman.

‘11.56,’ he replied.

Falcon had four minutes to stop the recording. He ran outside and reached the wall, where he grabbed the cell phone. He was about to dial it, when he realised he didn’t know the code, and it was too dark to see the numbers on his cock. He glanced back at the Kandy Klub and saw Mistress Lashes at the entrance calling for him to return. Frantically, he ran to the vagrant’s area, only to find the fires were almost dead. He knew he had less than three minutes to go. Then he remembered the arc lights and ran towards the compound, where he found a floodlit area next to the fence. He pressed the button on the cell phone and heard a recorded message.

“Please enter your code.” Falcon lifted his cock and was relieved he could read all four digits. He entered the code on the phone before hearing another message from the robotic voice. “Code accepted – Goodbye.” The line went dead. Falcon had succeeded, but only just.

He turned around and saw two uniformed security guards, each with a guard dog.

‘Are you trying to break in?’ one said.

‘No,’ Falcon said. ‘This isn’t what it seems.’ The guards looked at each other with bemused expressions. Falcon knew that he was wearing only a pair of black stockings and boots, in a red-light area, and he could forgive the guards for jumping to the wrong conclusion.

‘You’re coming with us,’ one said. He took the cell phone and handcuffed Falcon’s arms behind his back, before escorting him into the compound and inside an empty portakabin. The guard placed the phone on a table and left, locking the door behind him. Ten minutes later, the door opened and two uniformed police officers entered.

‘We had reports about an attempted break-in,’ one said. ‘But you don’t look like a burglar to me.’

‘I can explain,’ said Falcon, as he stood up.

‘Of course you can,’ said the other. ‘We’re taking you to the station, where you’ll be charged with indecent exposure.’ Before Falcon could protest, the door opened and Detective Rachel Benton walked in.

‘I’ll deal with this,’ she said. ‘Release him.’

‘Yes Ma’am,’ said the first cop, who released the handcuffs, before they left, leaving Falcon alone with Rachel. She passed him a blanket.

‘Mr Peterson. May I ask what you’re doing here, dressed like that?’

‘I can explain. I’ve an S&M fetish and went to the Kandy Klub. There was a misunderstanding and I was forced to leave quickly.’ Rachel picked up the cell phone.

‘Is this yours?’ she asked.

‘No. I found it and was going to hand it in at the police station tomorrow.’ Rachel put the phone in her handbag.

‘I’ll take care of that,’ she said, before explaining the position. ‘The Kandy Klub is a legitimate organisation, which the police have no interest in – providing their members perform their activities in private. I would suggest that the next time you attend, you don’t leave without your clothes, or I’ll arrest you. Consider this your final warning. Now go home.’

Falcon made his way out of the compound, and headed back to his apartment. He had stopped Domino’s recording from being released, but had been humiliated in the process. He had been stripped and jerked off and didn’t know how much more of this he could endure.

The following morning in room 66 of The Palace Hotel, Rachel Benton recalled the previous evening’s events. She had been relaxing in her room with her police radio on, when she heard about an incident in the red-light district. She drove there and arrived just in time to rescue the situation.

This was not the first time Rachel had seen Falcon naked, as he had previously been stripped by the rowdy women at the bachelorette party. That night she had seen him leave in a taxi with a blonde woman. The next day Rachel had made enquiries with the taxi company, and discovered Falcon had been dropped off at the red-light district, and the woman had been taken to a residential apartment block nearby.

The taxi had been booked in the name of Di Moon. Rachel didn’t need to be a detective to know this was an anagram of Domino – the same name as a petty felon who had recently been responsible for some minor crimes near the red-light district. She knew something was going on and Falcon was in trouble.

She took a metal suitcase from the wardrobe and opened it. As she gazed at what was inside, she found herself thinking aloud. ‘I haven’t seen this for a while, but it looks like it’s time to use it again. I think Falcon – aka Dirk Peterson – needs some help. And I’m the woman to help him.’

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