His Friend’s Mom Pt. 06

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Dan woke at 4:00 without the aid of an alarm. His schedule at the hospital had adjusted his sleep patterns so his body knew precisely when to wake. Reaching his hand over to the other side of the queen sized bed, he knew it would be empty but still he dared to hope. Deb had only spent a couple of late nights at his place but had never spent the whole night. He understood but still felt a bit lonely waking without her.

Surprising him the way she did thrilled him. She was perfect in the pretend role of the high priced call girl but of course he knew she was worth so much more. Over the previous months he had come to deeply care about her, even to the point of telling her that he loved her. He came close a few times but stopped short of actually saying it, knowing it would be the fastest way to push her away. Deb was sweet and loving toward him but she reminded him often that she was married and nothing was going to change that.

Dan chided himself, “Enough daydreaming! Time to get moving.”

After he showered and dressed, Dan stood at the fish tank, feeding them. His eyes drifted to the window where he and Deb had made love just a few hours before. He could make out her handprints and a smudge where her forehead rested against the glass. Shaking his head at their daring positioning, he smiled at the memory. She surprised him so often with adventurous ideas and he loved the time he had with her.

A quick bite to eat and he was out the door. Before getting in his car he stood and looked up at his bedroom windows. ‘Yep,’ he thought, ‘anyone who drove by or walked in the park would have been treated to quite a show last night.’ He briefly thought about ordering shades or curtains but he knew she would only refuse to use them. Once that woman got something in her mind, he had no chance of changing it. He smiled as he drove off, hoping that no one would complain about the lovemaking in his window.

Deb woke at 6:00 with a horrible headache. For a moment she was fuzzy on the details of the early morning, but then recalled it clearly. After slumping to the floor in shock, Scott had gathered her up and placed her on the couch. He covered her with a blanket, talking softly as he tried to calm her. After a while her sobbing stopped and she seemed more coherent.

Scott sat on the edge of the couch, placed his hand on her leg and said, “Deb, I’m going to leave for now. I need some time to think and to be alone. Please don’t call me or come into work for a couple of days. We’ll talk but I’m just not ready right now.”

Deb weakly begged him to stay, to let her explain, but he walked to the front door and turned around to say, “I love you, Deb. I’ll let you know what I’m ready to talk about this.” She was crying softly as he closed the door behind him. Deb sobbed into her hands as she replayed the past four months. Was it exciting? Yes. Was it mind-blowing sex? Yes. But was it worth it? Absolutely not. Finally sweet sleep found her and she didn’t have to think for a while.

As Scott drove away from the house, tears stung his eyes. His mind replayed the past series of events as he drove aimlessly.

For a few months he just attributed her renewed sense of sexual adventure to hormones or a mid-life crisis. He enjoyed the change although his cock sometimes was almost raw after so much oral attention. He just wasn’t used to being pampered but he sure enjoyed it while it lasted. Figuring it would pass, he just took advantage of the situation and lavished attention on her too. After all, he truly loved Deb and would do anything to please her.

Then one night after a particularly long session of 69’ing with Deb, she cried out, “Oh, Dan!” as she ground her pussy against his face and came. Surprisingly, she didn’t even realize the mistake, she just kept moving on him until he exploded in her mouth a few seconds later. She lapped up the cum and sucked every last drop from him before climbing off and snuggling up to his side. He lay there, basking in the glow of cumming but confused about what she had yelled. At the moment he didn’t mention it and she was oblivious to it, it seemed.

The incident nagged at Scott until he accepted that he had to do some investigating. Cell phone records were easy to access so he started with those. Sure enough, there were calls between Deb and an unknown number on a regular basis. Learning about the man on the other end of those phone calls was easy enough. Dan Bentz was studying medicine at the University. His picture on the website showed him to be a very good looking young man with a great smile. Scott shook his head, remembering that he had placed Gaziantep Elden Ödeme Alan Escort that million dollar smile on Dan’s face many years before. Dan had been their son’s friend from high school and Scott had vague memories of him spending time at their house. He found where Dan lived and began to drive by the apartment once in a while, hoping to get a look at his wife’s lover.

There was no doubt in Scott’s mind that Dan and Deb were lovers. He wasn’t naïve although he would admit to being blind when it came to his love for Deb. Now that his eyes were opened, however, he was seeing things painfully clearly, and knew he would have to act on the information, and soon.

On the next Thursday afternoon, Scott informed Deb of an important meeting he needed to attend in Miami. He told her he would fly out on the following Monday evening and return a few days later. They spent an enjoyable weekend together although at times it was hard for Scott to pretend that everything was normal. By the time Monday evening rolled around, he was ready to leave. Kissing her goodbye as he left for the airport, he searched her face for any sign of deception. He was amazed that she could continue to look at him with that lovely Deb face, completely innocent and sweet.

Scott checked into a hotel not far from her lover’s apartment. On Tuesday at noon he parked himself on a bench just beyond the trees that fronted the street in front of Dan’s building. He had his iPad and phone to keep him occupied but he barely glanced at them, instead focusing on the apartment building across the street. All afternoon he alternated walking the paths and sitting on the bench as he watched for Dan and/or Deb. No sign of either of them until after 8:00 that evening when Dan parked his car and ran up the steps to his apartment. Lights illuminated the rooms for a while and Scott could clearly see that Dan was very much alone.

When the lights completely went out in Dan’s apartment at 10:00, Scott decided to go get something to eat. As he sat alone in the restaurant of the hotel, he began to doubt himself, wondering if he had jumped to the wrong conclusions. What if she wasn’t cheating on him after all? The thought relieved him for a moment but he highly doubted it and again that nagging feeling began to eat away at him. Leaving most of his dinner on the plate, Scott left the hotel and walked quickly through the park. Just as he got to the familiar bench, Scott spotted Deb’s car as she parked in front of Dan’s building. Stunned, he watched Deb get out of her car and walk up the steps.

Scott took note that she let herself into the building with a key. Large windows allowed him to watch her run up the steps in her long coat and high heels. For a few minutes, she was out of sight and his imagination began running at full speed. Then a small light shone in a window and Scott could see the backs of their heads as they talked while sitting on the couch. The little he could see confirmed his suspicions. He moved to stand beside a tree, hidden in the dark as he watched them begin to kiss. Anger and jealousy rose in him but he also felt a sense of disappointment that he couldn’t see more. He wanted to be fully armed when he confronted her. He wanted to see what they did and the fact that most of it was hidden from him was driving him insane.

After a time, they got up and moved into another room. The sight of Deb moving naked through another man’s apartment moved him in a way he didn’t understand. He thought, I should be screaming and pounding on the door to stop them, not getting turned on at the sight. A lamp softly illuminated the room and soon he saw Deb standing in the window. She was completely bare as she placed her palms against the glass. Dan came up behind her and the long windows allowed Scott to watch her lean over slightly, lifting her ass to meet him. Scott’s breathing quickened as he saw Dan grope her round breasts and press into her pussy. He couldn’t see everything but his mind was filling in the details perfectly. His own cock stiffened and throbbed but Scott wouldn’t touch it. Stroking it to the view of his wife being fucked by another man just felt wrong, although he couldn’t control what his dick did on it’s own.

Of course, Scott couldn’t hear anything from the apartment but he could see the ecstasy on their faces as they thrust into each other. Deb’s mouth was wide and he could imagine her grunting with each hard thrust. Dan moved his hands between her neck and her boobs as he forcefully fucked her, his mouth on the back and side of her neck. Jealousy and anger burned in Scott but he couldn’t stop himself from watching while his cock throbbed in his pants. After a time his hard cock released a huge load and his briefs were quickly soaked. Guilt and confusion followed but he pushed those emotions aside as he continued to watch the spectacle above him.

Eventually their movements slowed and they turned away from the window. Scott continued to wait, watching for them to return. After 30 minutes he decided they were probably in the bed together. He then made the decision to go home and wait for her.

The confrontation, if it could be called that, was brief once Deb fell to the floor. As angry as he was at her, he couldn’t stand the sight of her in such pain so he rushed to care for her. Being her protector and rescuer was what he had been for a very long time and he wasn’t ready to give that up.

Scott drove the dark streets, not knowing where to go or what to do. Tears stung his eyes as hurt and anger filled him but other emotions surfaced as well. Confusion at his own actions bothered him almost as much as discovering Deb’s betrayal. Why did he continue to watch her while she gave herself to another man? Why didn’t he stop her before she went into the building? What did it mean that he creamed his briefs as he watched his wife getting fucked? Driving aimlessly he questioned himself as much as he questioned her loyalty.

He couldn’t stand the thought of returning to the hotel for the rest of the night. His windows looked over the park where he stood watching them and he couldn’t bring himself to go there. He considered the office where he could sleep on the couch but that didn’t appeal to him either. Besides, his staff thought he was in Florida and would ask too many questions if he went into work. For a brief moment he considered going back home and sleeping in a guest room but he wasn’t ready to talk to her yet.

Without thinking through his actions, he punched in a familiar number on his cell. She answered and quickly agreed that he should come right over.

Two years earlier Scott met Lori at work. She was a refreshingly lovely woman who began working as an assistant in another dental office in the same building. In her mid thirties, she was a good 14 years younger than him but they struck up an easy friendship and often enjoyed having lunch together in the break room. Although a few rumors circulated through the building, they never had an affair. Flirting was as far as it went.

Lori was newly divorced at the time and actually would have loved to take things further with Scott, but he was happily married and either didn’t notice when she dropped hints or just chose to ignore them. Lori quickly came to accept that their friendship would only be that, a friendship, and enjoyed it completely.

Scott drove to Lori’s house quickly before he could change his mind. He didn’t know what he was hoping for or what might happen, all he knew was that he didn’t want to be alone. Lori held the door open as he came up the walk and seeing the look on his face, she took him in her arms immediately. He crumpled against her, seeking warmth and comfort. They stood just holding each other for a long time until Lori broke the silence.

“Scott, do you want something to drink? Coffee? Please tell me what I can do for you.”

He couldn’t bring himself to speak as she led him over to the couch. She sat at one end and encouraged him to lay down, placing his head in her lap. Lori smoothed his hair back and lightly ran her hand over his face. He looked so miserable and she just wanted to take the hurt away. Her own loneliness surfaced and holding him close to her felt good. She looked intently into his eyes and slowly leaned over to kiss him gently. The contact felt so good but she pulled away, concerned that she had gone too far. Scott held her gaze as he reached up and placed his hand on the back of her neck. Pulling her down to him, he kissed her and began to explore her mouth with his tongue.

Soon they were kissing deeply and with a passion that Lori hadn’t experienced in a long time. She sighed deeply as his lips insistently sought hers. Turning to face her, Scott gave himself over to the moment and kissed her passionately. His hand moved to her robe and he untied the sash, slowly opening it. Lori threw her head back in total submission to him, wanting him to touch her, to take her.

His fingers moved over her neck as he nuzzled the tops of her small breasts over the tank top she wore. The robe pushed out of the way, he freed a tit over the top of the shirt and sought comfort in her nipple. Sucking softly at first, he used his lips and his tongue to draw out the small nub. He smiled against her as it hardened and then opened his mouth to take as much of her breast as he could get into his mouth. It was so different from sucking at Deb’s large breasts. These were small and round but barely stood out from her body. He pushed thoughts of Deb aside, and hungrily devoured her small titties, the pebble like nipples keeping his tongue busy.

His hardened cock throbbed in his pants and he both hoped she would notice but also wasn’t sure he wanted her to. Her head was thrown back in passion, enjoying the sensation of having her breasts so ravished by Scott. Her pussy was heating up and she could feel moisture beginning to soak her panties. Moans began filling the room as he feasted on her tits and she responded to the intense pleasure.

She looked down at his face and smiled at him. His eyes were closed as his mouth worked her nipples with devotion. Giving him comfort and pleasure was, in turn, giving her pleasure as well. She glanced down his body and saw his fly straining from the pressure of his hard cock. Lori allowed her fingers to move down and when they landed on his covered cock, she gently squeezed as if to say, “we’re here”. His eyes flew open and he moved back a bit, her nipple slipping from his warm mouth. Their eyes met and with a raise of her eyebrows, he gave a slight nod. Her fingers began working the zipper of his pants as his eyes again closed and he returned to the comfort and pleasure of her breasts.

Lori unbuttoned and unzipped his pants and quickly slipped her hand inside to grasp his cock. She pulled it out and slowly moved her small hand up and down the hard shaft. He moaned against her as she quickly found a rhythm that seemed to work for him. Never moving his lips from her nipple, he groaned and shuddered as she stroked him. Faster her hand moved on him as she felt him stiffen. It wasn’t long before his legs began to shake and his throbbing cock released on her hand. Lori gathered the cum between her fingers and continued to stroke him as his breathing returned to normal and his mouth finally released her breast.

Slowly Scott sat up next to her and kissed her softly. Then with her encouragement he told her about discovering his wife with her lover. Leaving out most of the details, he gave her just enough information to explain why he had called her. Of course, not even he knew exactly why he chose to call her in particular. He just needed comfort and friendship and that was what he hoped for when he called.

Holding her hand and watching her face carefully he said, “Lori, I really didn’t mean for this to happen. I admit I’m glad it did. It was amazing for me but I don’t know if…”

He trailed off, not knowing what else to say. Lori moved her robe back into place and then turned so she faced him, grabbing his other hand. “I understand Scott. You don’t have to say anything else. You needed comfort and acceptance and that’s what I could offer you. You offered me friendship when I was hurting from the divorce and I’m happy to give you the same tonight. No worries, my friend, I’m glad I could be here for you.”

She walked him to the door and they hugged tightly. “Thank you, Lori, you don’t know how much you helped me.”

“I’m glad. Now I think you should go home to your wife. Good night, Scott.”

Scott drove home and parked in front of the house. There he sat for a long time, thinking. Finally at 6:30 he gathered his strength and walked to the door. Knocking softly before entering, he saw her coat still in a heap on the entryway floor. Turning toward the living room, his eyes met Deb’s as she sat on the couch. Her face was red and puffy from crying and his heart broke as he realized that she had probably been crying all night.

Letting go of the hurt and anger, he felt only love and compassion for her as he joined her on the couch. They sat for a long time, holding hands and quietly reflecting, together but separate. Finally he stood, wrapped a blanket around her and led her from the living room. They climbed the stairs and went into their bedroom, their sanctuary. Never had she invited Dan into her marital bed or even the home so their room was still very much a sanctuary for her and Scott.

He quickly undressed and then pulled her into his arms saying, “We have a long road ahead of us. We both have confessions to make and things will take time, I know. But we will get through this. I love you and I’m committed to getting back to where we once were.” He paused, “No, I’m committed to making things even better than ever.”

Deb’s eyes overflowed with tears as she clung to him. He continued, “Let’s take a shower together and then get some rest. It’s our fresh start to a brand new day.”

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