Hot For Bellybutton Play

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For as long as she can remember, Navel-Babe would see a person’s bellybutton and start to feel all sorts of emotions; from happiness; to sadness, to full arousal. (she thought some bellybuttons looked like mouths that yearned to be kissed) . She never understood why a part of the body; which is very common and not considered a sexual organ by any means; would bring this type of reaction on her. Several months ago, Navel-Babe decided to go on the Internet and see if there were others who might have these same feelings.

Navel-Babe came across a few sights that cater to the bellybutton fetishist. She no longer felt awkward for having such intense feelings, and for wanting a man to play with her bellybutton. Her Significant Other knew of her special interest, but he failed to give her bellybutton much attention. She never felt the need to stray from him, but yet there was a need in her that only a person with the same intense feeling could only satisfy.

She met a lot of interesting people through the chartrooms and messageboards. She kept in contact with a few by email. One day she met a someone in the room that would take her by surprise. BBK (Bellybutton King) seemed to be in the same type of situation as she. Both have these intense bellybutton feelings; but never spoke much about it to anyone. Their SO’s are aware of their harmless fetish, but for some reason fail to give into their navel desires..

After several conversations by email, they became very good friends; sharing details about their life in general. They had no intentions of leaving their SO’s or to have intercourse; but they were consumed with the idea of having bellybutton play together…

Hey Navel-Babe,

You know…. I was thinking tonight that if you showed up here (or if I showed up there)…. I’d playfully wrestle you. We would end up on the sofa. I would arch your back with my arm under your back; so that your bellybutton pushed out above your jeans. Then I’d kiss and tickle and poke and prod your wonderful beauty mark till you begged for mercy as physical ecstasy overtook your whole body. The contact of my shirtless torso against your tummy and the push of my bellybutton against yours would catapult both of us into orgasmic convulsions, until we collapsed into an exhausted heap of umbilical eroticism on the floor. Consider the possibilities!



You are enjoying this; making my bellybutton your secret little erotic play thing. Whenever we chat on-line, about our bellybuttons my whole body feels warm and relaxed. This leads into an incredible erotic fantasy…

I imagine you rubbing warm body oil in and around my tummybutton. The touch of your fingers, mouth, and ostrich feather sends my laughter into deep, sexual groans of intense pleasure. You’re whispering in my ear about how my reaction gives you erotic feelings in your bellybutton that extends down to your manhood. While you’re whispering in my ear, you nibble on my ear lobe, and continue down to the nape of my neck. Your belly kisses make me coo and purr.

My hips Gaziantep Eve Gelen Escort begin to move uncontrollably. I have an intense feeling of warmth in my inner thighs. You lean your shirtless, masculine torso close to my face; so that I can stare into your wide, flat bottomed innie button. In my peak of sensual pleasure, I wrap my arms around your waist and begin to give your vulnerable bellybutton a sensual soul kiss. My fingers circle in and around your lick-able button; thus making it easier for my mouth to enjoy every area. My kisses turn into tonguing and nibbling all over your belly. When I grasp the inner rim that lays underneath the protective flat bottom with my teeth, I hear your moans of approval and feel your manhood pressing against my leg.

We’re both about to explode into round 2 of orgasmic convulsions. There’s no stopping us now!

Your Navel-Babe~~~

After many exchanges of emails, on-line chats, and occasional phone calls, Navel-Babe and BBK decided to finally meet. Navel-Babe was nervous; but very excited to know that her bellybutton was finally going to get some attention. She was also going to get to play with a BBK’s sexy button. Her experience with BBK was the most erotic experience in her life! BBK sent her the following letter after their meeting…

Dear Navel-Babe,

I just arrived back form our little get together. You’ve been on my mind a lot! I want to share with you my thoughts on our meeting.

We’ve known each other for several months. Our cyber-relationship has always been good, frequently very close. We are comfortable saying anything to each other, always with understanding and support. We’ve often played word games, exhorting the other to describe their erotic, sensuous, sometimes sexual feelings about our navels. Our words are vivid flashes of colorful emotions and feelings. We go out of our way to keep our feelings fresh and somewhat sensational, by spiking each conversation with at least a few carefully chosen sentences, describing our own bellybutton fantasies, and the way we imagine the other’s navel would accept our advances. But still, our friendship is firmly rooted in appreciation and respect for the other. Our mutual navel eroticism is a wonderful, unexpected pearl of excitement, that pushes us to unexpected heights.

Now, we are both away from home for a long week end of quietness and relaxation. We knew the other would be in the area. Although we would not be full-time companions, we knew occasional time would be spent together. We met in the hotel lobby. I arrived about 15 minutes before you. From the pictures you sent me, I immediately noticed you when you walked in. You looked just as pretty in person. Your outfit; from the slack suit to your sleek black boots made you look sexy; yet very classy! After you finish checking in, you notice me from the picture you have and began walking towards me. You see the warm smile on my face and reciprocate.

As you slowly walked towards me, I couldn’t help but notice your bellybutton playing “peek-a-boo”. Your every move towards me made your stretch top ride up from your hip-hugger slacks.; therefore exposing your sexy T-shaped tummybutton to me. By the sly wink you gave me, I knew this was for my benefit; and I enjoyed every minute of it. When you stood in front of me, I couldn’t help but give your bellybutton a little tickle with my finger. You gave a warm laugh, then slowly tugged on your top; just enough to cover the bottom of your bellybutton. We hugged. During the hug you managed to slip your index finger through the buttons on my shirt and gave my bellybutton a deep, but firm poke. You quickly slipped your finger out and whispered that you were “waiting for months to do that.”

It was difficult to leave from that wonderful moment, but we decided to go to the hotel restaurant for a drink and a bite to eat. Sitting across from each other, our conversation touched events of the day, world politics and occasionally cute, sexy, erotic innuendoes. We’re warm and affectionate – not like lovers, but sometimes catching a mischievous gleam in the other’s eyes and occasionally touching the other’s arm or hand. Relying on the months of trust built into our friendship, you invite me to your room to enjoy our relationship in a more private setting.

You enter the room first. Once in the room, I turn away momentarily to close the door. When I turn back into the room, you stand just an arms length away from me. Your left arm stretches out, palm planted solidly on the center of my chest. My eyes watch your hand as it moves nervously on top of my still buttoned shirt. I feel you watching for my reaction. We move further into the dimly lighted room, without speaking. Both of your hands move playfully across my chest, now. Your fingers undo the top four buttons of my shirt, exposing my torso to the confluence of my ribs, to just several inches above my bellybutton. Now your hands reach inside my shirt, open palms moving assuredly over both pecs, around the sides, toward my back, then returning to the center line — pressing both thumbs firmly, affectionately against my diaphragm.

Your firm touch guides me backward onto the bed; me on my back, you kneeling at my side. I watch your reaction now, as you undo the remaining buttons of my shirt, exposing my belly and the ample, flat-bottomed inny button. Your hands roam freely from my ribs to just below my navel, frequently coming to rest at, around, and in my anxious bellybutton. From our fantasy stories, you know exactly how to bring me to an erotic peak, just with navel play and sensuously touching my chest and belly. My eyes are closed and we do not speak. My excitement is visible as my breath forces my chest and belly to move up and down rapidly. My arousal begs your tongue and fingers to move faster in and out of my bellybutton; pushing deeper, harder, more directly on the bundle of nerves at the very center. We both know I am nearing a climax from your erotic touch. But, I don’t want the feelings or closeness to end, or even be interrupted. So, I take your hand into mine, slowing and lightening your thrusts in order to avoid, or at least defer, full orgasm.

While your hands and fingers continue to move slowly over my body and into my bellybutton, I reach across to undo several buttons at the bottom of your blouse. My physical reaction just a few minutes ago aroused you. My left hand supports you back, while my right hand softly strokes your tummy — sliding across the indentation of your navel — then with just two fingers, massaging its beautiful, sexy opening. Your eyes close as I lay you gently on the bed. Your tummy and tummybutton are fully visible. Your bellybutton appears as a wonderful jewel, mounted exquisitely in the center of your belly. Your hand grasps my forearm, as I touch the area around your bellybutton.

Your eyes look into mine, apparently searching for reassurance, commitment, renewal of an earlier promise. Being satisfied by my touch and gaze, your hands move to my shoulders and pull me toward the soft skin of your vulnerably belly. At first, my weight rests on my elbows and knees, while I kiss your temples, cheeks and neck. You can feel the hair of my chest against your ribs and my diaphragm pressing on your belly, absorbing your beckoning navel.

I feel your hips press rhythmically into my own belly. My hands move slowly, smoothly from your neck, down your breast bone to your ribs. With each kiss, my warm breath on your tummy excites you more – perhaps in anticipation of my tongue and fingers pressing deeply, lovingly into your navel. Now, with my hands still holding your sides comfortably, you feel my wet tongue slide into your tummybutton – just as you fantasized. The masculine, wiry texture of my beard and mustache around your navel seems to heighten your arousal. Your fully clothed hips pressing harder, against my chest, eyes closed, hands roaming through my hair, over my shoulders, and partially down my back.

My fingers gently spread the soft sides of your navel, to allow fuller access to the most secret, sensitive inner recesses. I occasionally touch the sensitive, usually hidden nub at the very center, causing your belly to contract in surprised shock waves, at first. Then, my probing fingers and tongue, augmented by the comfortably pressure of my hands on your tummy, pushes you to the brink. Just as I had done before, you regain control by touching and holding my hand — prolonging the beautiful feelings that await us both at the next erotic, navel-induced arousal.

After laying in each other’s arms for hours and discussing our feelings about our bellybuttons, we decide to call it a night. Though it was difficult, I returned to my room. The next day, we met in the hotel lobby for breakfast. We had a wonderful time discussing the events of our meeting. Our meeting was something we yearned to do for a while and I’m glad we were able to make it happen. Like you, I feel that my the sensual feeling in my bellybutton was completely fulfilled. You hold a special place in my heart. I’m so glad that I responded to your message on the Bellybutton Bulletin Board.

So Navel-Babe, when are we going to go for round two?

Your BBK

Needless to say, Navel-Babe is making plans for the next round of hot bellybutton play!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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