It Happened on the Internet Ch. 02

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Well I really do not remember how long it took him to reply to me, it seemed to be forever but one day I got a message in my inbox from him. I looked, I waited a few minutes just starring at my inbox then I moved my cursor to the line and click… I opened the message. Steve was telling me that he owes me an explanation of why he did not call. He started out telling me that he did not think that he would have been able to fill my expectations of him, that he wanted to call, that he even picked up the phone and dialed the number but just could not go threw with it. There was more said but that is the just of it, some more about how sorry he is and that we are better off this way etc. Well I responded back with, that’s okay, I understand but let’s just stay in touch, I want you in my life even if it just via email.

“Pete, are you telling me that after I stood you up that you are willing to forgive me, that you still want me around in your life? I don’t know what to say, you are a special man and I do want to be part of your life and I do want you in mine, I just don’t know what to do or say.”

“Steve, call me ###-###-####.”

“Pete, when can I call, it is 12 o’clock my time, my secretary will be leaving in 45 minutes can I call then?”

“Yes, I’ll be here.”

I was hurt that he stood me up but I knew I wanted him, I knew I felt something in his messages but just did not know what it was. I did not want to admit that I feel in love with him, after all I never saw a picture of him, just that nude photo that he posted without a face. Boy was that the longest 45 minute.

Ring…. Out-of-area the phone read, I answer: “this is Pete”

“Pete, hi, it’s Steve. I can not believe that you want to talk to me, that you are forgiving me. What I did to you is inexcusable, you sure a special person to be able to forgive me like this.”

“Well I don’t know what it is but there is something about you that I know I just want to know more and to have in my life. I am so hurt at what happened but I am also in no position to argue about it, I am still married after all, I was the one trying to pick you up and have sex. You have the right to pick and choose and I just thought that you decided not to have a married man.”

“No, no that is not it, that’s not it at all. I was afraid that I could never live up to all your expectations that you have described in our emails. I am not like that. I love to be with men, I am gay, but some of those scenes, well I just don’t know if I could have live up to them. I have never been tied up before and to be truthful, I was a little nervous about that.”

“HA HA! You had nothing to worry about. I have never tied anyone up, I have never acted anything out like I said I wanted to do. I got ideas from reading some gay porn and also from some porn movies that my wife and I rented before. I am a mild, kind of boring guy that likes to have sex, but I do have quite a vivid imagination I guess.”

“Vivid I would say is an understatement, those were some of the hottest stories I have ever read. I have read and re-read some of those and just imagined being there with you, Oh Pete, I am sorry that I did not call.”

“I have your picture downloaded on my computer and I still look at you every day. That body is just the type that I have always dreamt of. The man that I always wanted would be built like you, I knew I wanted you. Your hairy chest, that hard cock, how it turns up and just the right size to fill my mouth up. I wish I were right there right now. I would fall right in-between your legs and take your cock into my mouth. I would suck it slowly at first, making it nice and wet. I’ll swirl my tongue down the shaft and then all around the head. I’ll feel your cock throb in my mouth and then I would reach down with my hand and grab your balls and begin sucking hard. I’ll apply strong suction to your cock with my mouth, going up and down. Oh yes Steve, my mouth is water right now.”

“Pete, yes, I can feel your mouth all over my cock.”

Well unknown to me at this time, Steve had his cock out and was jerking himself, but I just kept going on talking to him on what I would love to be doing to him. I found out late in our conversation that he was masturbating and I went for it with him….

“Steve, I would shove your cock right down into my mouth, pounding my nose right into your pubic hairs, wrap my arms around you and just fuck your cock with my mouth.”

“I would take my hand and hold your head down and start to pump your mouth.. Oh yes… and then I would pull you up to me and take your cock. I want your cock in my mouth, I would stick it in, suck it right down my throat, take every inch of those 7 uncut wonderful cock inches that you have.”

“Oh yes, that’s it, that’s right Steve, I’ll pump my cock down your throat while holding your head tight to me give you no mercy. I’ll start fucking in and out, your hot wet mouth will feel so good, so good on my cock.”

Now I can hear his excitement, I can tell that he is masturbating Gaziantep Anal Escort on the other end. I am so hard, so horny but at work with people around that I can not do anything but talk my talk softly over the phone only to please my man.

“Oh yes, fuck my mouth Pete, fuck my mouth. Make me choke on your cock, I want it all in my mouth, I want you to shoot your load down my throat I…”

“Oh yes, that’s right.. I’ll have you so tight in my hands that you can not move. I have you and my toy, your mine right now and you can not move.. Your cock throbbing hard and I fuck your mouth.. Spit dripping down your lips from the non-stop fuck action I am giving your mouth. My cock is hard and you feel it go right into your throat. You can not move but you hold on to me making me want you even more…. Oh, ah!!! God I can feel it, I can feel it I am so hard, so hard right now I want to be with you.”

“Oh yes, my mouth is full of your cock, I feel it going down my throat… Fuck my mouth Pete Fuck my..”

“My cock throbs in your mouth, I am hard like steel and shoving it, fucking shoving my cock into your mouth. You choke as I shove it into your throat but I don’t let up. You know that I am getting ready, your tongue just going all over when it can. You are submitting your mouth to my lust and I am taking it… I am fucking your mouth.”

“Yes, fuck my..”

“Oh god, and then another plunge into your mouth I slide into your throat, your nose right up against my body. My hand pressed on the back of your head holding you tight to me and my hips thrust forward.. You open your throat to my cock with is even deeper, I throb, I pulse up and then I cum.”

“Ah yes, yes..”

“I cum in your mouth, shooting shot after shot of my hot cum down your throat.. You gag, you choke but I give no mercy I just continually ram my fucking cock into your wanting mouth Steve.. Just fuck your wanting my while my cum shoots out over and over.”

I hear him cumming over the phone, sighs, moans, oh yes I made my man cum, he’s happy.

“Oh my god, that was something Pete. I can not believe that I just came, god yes. You know I could feel you as you told me all that. I could taste your cock in my mouth, god do I want you… Hey, I am coming to Baltimore in Oct. Do you live far from there?”

“You are, yes I am close, what days are you going to be here?”

Well believe it or not I made a date with him in Baltimore, 3 months from now. I knew it was a long time but after all, I wanted this guy, I wanted him so much, and I wanted to keep him.

I went home that night and the wife and kids were gone so I took the digital camera and got undressed to send my man a picture of me. Of course it was of my cock, what else does a man send another man. I took one of me in the mirror, turned to the side with my cock sticking up nice and proud, face covered by the camera. No matter what, I am shy and private and by the actions I had you would never be able to tell but as long as my face wasn’t in the pictures that no one could tell it was me. To the bed, legs spread, jerking.. hard.. click click.. cum.. yes.. shooting dripping… click click. Got clean and then to the computer, downloaded and attached and hit send….

“Pete, those are the hottest pictures I have ever seen. What a body.. What a cock. I can not wait for us to be together in Baltimore so I can have them all to myself.”

“Well I can not wait either, cum and get it.” Attached another cum shot and send

“Oh I want that cum in my mouth, I want to taste you so much Pete, I know you, I know we are meant to be and that only time is against us, it is making us wait. It must be something of a test but I am willing to wait for you Pete, I love you.”

Love, he said love. I used that word after he stood me up and I do love him but I never again said that. Oh god, I wanted to tell him right then and there that I loved him but I was afraid that I would loose him. After all, I lost him from hot steamy sex fantasies and I just did not want this to happen again, I had 3 months to go threw before I was to be with him and I did not want to loose him again, so I responded…..

“Oh Steve, I do love you, I knew I did from almost the start. I felt it when I saw you ad and picture, I want you be with you, I want to move, leave here, my job and I can maybe transfer from the second job out there. After all, I will have child support and alimony payments to make.”

“Pete, I make a good living, I can support you, I just want you in my life.”

“I am home today, call me ###-###-####”

“You mean to tell me that you are home today, not at work? Are you alone?”


“My secretary leaves today around 12:45 my time, I’ll call you then.”

So to fill in a little missing material, I am home alone, the family went on vacation bringing my oldest son back to college. I decided not to go and that I was moving out of ‘our’ bedroom and starting the separation. I was so stressed at this point not being with the family. In fact, this was the first time that I have not go with the family on a vacation and I really hated it. Steve and I had some wild and wonderful email exchanges, he told me about himself, where he lived, his job, what he did and his homes. It all fit so well with my ideal man, the way I always envisioned him to be. The only thing missing was a picture of how he looks. I had drawn an image in my head about him, but then again, it was of the image of my ideal man and that was him. I had time to kill so I took a shower, why? Well I wanted to be clean, after all, this was going to be the first time that I was going to be with him even if it was only over the phone. And then it happened, the phone rang….


“Pete, hi, how are you? Can you talk now, is this a good time?”

“Yes it is fine, just wait a minute.”

“What are you doing?”

“I am going to my bed, I am taking off my clothes, there, now I am laying down, naked.. there.”

“Oh Pete, I wish I was there with you. I want to suck that uncut cock of yours, take it in my wet mouth and feel it grow.”

“Oh yes, I want you to, I want you to suck it good.”

“Then I will lick your balls, lick those big hairy balls of your, running my tongue all over your sack…”

“Oh yes, lick them. I can feel them wet and warm right now.. Lick my balls Steve.”

“Then I will spread your cheeks back and lick your hole. I’ll run my tongue all over your hair hole making it all hot, wet, hmmm I can taste that sweet hot hole of yours now.”

Well he was doing a good job on me. I have my legs bent back to my chest just jerking my cock. I can feel his tongue all over my cock, my balls, my hole and I am hard and jerking my cock

“Fuck yes, eat my hole, stick your tongue in it, shove your face right into my ass Steve, fuck my ass with your tongue”

I got so hot that a moment later I was shooting my load, moaning and sighing so load and shouting I love you over the phone.

“I love you Pete, oh yes, I love you.. Now I will suck your cock, clean your cum up with my tongue. Hmm I know it will taste real good.”

“Oh yes, suck it Steve, suck my cum drenched cock, clean it up with your mouth, slide your tongue under my skin, get all that cum out of my cock.”

“Shove your cock down my throat Pete, make me suck that cum off your cock”

“I’ll grab your head and hold it while I shove my cock into your mouth. I’ll start pumping your mouth, fucking your mouth, your wet, cum covered mouth, fuck it with my hard fucking cock, fucking the hell out of your mouth”

“Hold my head, shove it in, fuck my mouth Pete, fuck my mouth ohhhhh God, yes.. I love you Pete”

“Yes, yes, Steve, I love you, I love you so, I am fucking your mouth, shoving my cock into your mouth, hold your head, making you choke, fucking your mouth.. Yes. Yes. Yes. .ahhhh fuck, fuck, yes…”

“Oh god Pete, that was so good.”

“Steve, that was wonderful. I can almost feel you here with me. I know I could feel you sucking me, I could feel your tongue on my ass, licking it, tonguing it. I know it was you doing that to me, I never had anyone do that to me before.”

“I know what you mean, I felt it all to, we must have something very special to feel this.”

“Yes we do. I know that right now I would want to roll on top of you and spread your legs wide open and slide my cock into your hole.”

“Oh yes, slide that thick uncut cum covered cock into my butt, I want you to fuck my butt.”

“I can feel how tight you are, how good it feels around my cock.”

“God, you are so big, I want you, I want you to love me, make love to my hole Pete.”

“I have your legs over my shoulders and my cock is sliding in and out of your hole with mice long strides, my head peeking out from under the skin as it is pressed deep within you, filling your entire hole with my cock.”

“Oh yes, fuck me Pete, fuck my hole. I want you to fuck me hard, I want you to fill my hole with your cum, shoot it inside me Pete, I want your hot cum in my hole.”

“I am fucking you hard, kissing you and pounding your butt Steve, shoving my cock into you.. Oh yes, it feels so good. I am kissing you so tenderly, holding your hands as I hole your legs wide open and back and just pounding my love into you Steve, just pounding it into you.”

“Pound it in me Pete, shove it in.. Yes, fuck me, yes, fuck me Pete, shove it in me, shoot your load.”

“God yes, I am cumming.”

“Yes Yes Yes, shoot it, fuck me baby, fuck me butt, shoot it in me Pete, I love you.”

“I love you Steve, I am kissing you, biting your lip as I start to cum… I cumming, yes, yes, I love you Steve. I am kissing you, yes, I am kissing you so deeply as I cum inside you.. God I love you Steve..”

“Oh god, I can not believe that I just came again, what a mess.”

“You, I got cum all over my chest and it is.. wait, hmmm, yes, I just had to taste it, it is you that I am tasting, it is your cum I now have in my mouth…. You know you just made me cum three times, I needed this so much. I only hope that my phone wave did not get picked up by any of my neighbors.. How does one explain this huh”

“Ha! I hope not for you sake either. All I know is that I do love you and I don’t know how but I know it is going to work out for us. I just believe that it is meant to be and we will be together when this is all over for you and your wife.”

“I believe that too Steve, I know I love you and I can not wait to be with you. If it felt this good just on the phone, imagine how good it is going to feel when we are together…”

“Well I got to get back to work, I love you and I will talk with you later.”

“You can call me tomorrow, I am home alone all week.”

“Okay, I’ll try. Bye”


That was the last time I talked with him on the phone. It was the end of August and I had to wait until Oct. To meet him in Baltimore. I knew I had this built up to high, to hot and going totally insane but just did not know what to do. I wanted an email from him every day, I wanted to see his name in my mailbox. I wanted to be with him and I thought about him constantly, I thought of walking with him, shopping, hugging, holding hands, being with him, loving him. He was my world and I did not even know what he looked like. Fuck, love sucks this way and I knew I would loose him soon.

Well I lost him again, no replies, no calls nothing. I kept on emailing him not to leave me like this, lets calm it down, lets be friends, that I want to have him in my life but nothing. It took several weeks then it came, I was chatting with a friend on-line when I got the pop up that I got mail from Steve, no subject line. The following are some of the actual emails that I have cut and pasted into this, I will not run spell check on them.

“God damn it I can’t make it without you! I thought I could but you are flooding my fucking mind every minute of every day. I cannot stand it!!!! What am I going to do? I can’t live without you in my life but I can’t hurt you either. FUCK!FUCK!FUCK!

No need to respond to this – I am hoping that you have moved on. But I just came across my trash and saw that I had not emptied it. Know that I am longing for you – longing each and every minute. I rush to my inbox just to see if by chance there is anything there. But of course there is not. GOD DAMN IT I THINK I AM GOING CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I froze, I shook, I was in shock and I wanted to reply right then and there but I waited. Well that was a long 5 minutes but I finally hit the reply button and type out my response.

“if I can not be your lover, then let me be your friend, I did not want to loose you, I don’t want to loose the best thing that I ever found.”

It did not take long but he wrote back.

“my secretary leaves in about 45 minutes. I will call you. I am embarassed and ashamed and have so many feelings inside me. I don’t want to start this again – I do want to start this again – I just don’t think I can stand not being with you. Friendship is fine but I know I want you physically. I have ALWAYS wanted you physically. When I saw the pic of you with your kids on Fathers Day I just could not stand it.”

About 45 minutes late my phone rings and we talk. This was different, I knew if I talk sex, trash like we have done in the past that I will loose this guy and I was still determined to meet him in October. I avoided the topic of his arrival but it was always on my mind and I did try to hit around it. After our phone call I received a nice email saying how nice it was to have me back in his life and that he will never leave me again He told me of his upcoming trip to some other place, nothing around here and it would not be until next week before I would hear from him. He told me that he does not have a laptop nor does he have a computer at home or the cabin (things to remember). I said he should buy one and don’t know why he doesn’t already have one. But I just dropped the subject and went on…. Then an email came in from Steve.

“I’m back from another TRIP FROM HELL. Everything went fine but we had a few minor problems that might need some legal resolution. Oh Well.

Why were you up past 1AM??? Maybe it was the Taste Of Freedom for the first time?? I think it will take a long time for your family/kids to fully understand everything that is going on with you. You just have to live each day one at a time and hope for the best.

I did miss you – I missed not being able to email or speak with you. I thought about you all the time! This is just a short note to say hello — I might be tied up later on with some of the crap from this weekend so if I am a little slow today, please be patient!! “

I was pleased to get his message and I went to show him. I grabbed my camera and went to bed. He never saw a face shot and now he was going to get one. I laid on my pillow on my side with my arm up under and positioned the camera back and click.. click there I go again, to the computer and attached and I hit send and only said “just did not know what to say so I took this while I was thinking about you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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