Jack , Junebug Go To Prison Ch. 01

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This story is a fictional story. This story takes place in prison. Jack was arrested for arm robbery and sentenced to 2-Years and Half in Prison. Jack had a good lawyer, and that’s why he got less time. With good behavior, Jack could get out with in 21 months. Jack needed help and protection. So enters Junebug!

Junebug is a career criminal. You name it, he did it! He has earned alot of respect in prison. Especially among the older inmates. Junebug wasn’t much of a talker. He usually kept to himself. He’s been in prison for 18 years now, with 2 years left to go!

Jack enter the Merrytown County Prison as the new fish. He feared the other inmates, he hoped they weren’t going to mess with him. He didn’t want to be someone’s bitch. Jack was a good-looking chubby guy. And he didn’t like the idea that he could be called Piggy, by some tough muscled-up inmate. He seriously needed protection, badly!

Jack was bunked with Junebug. Jack didn’t know anything about Junebug, but he sense power and respect within him. And especially given to him. Junebug sat on the bottom bunk. Junebug didn’t pay his new cellmate no mind. But Jack did, he saw a quiet and strong medium to stocky build guy. He didn’t see Junebug’s face. Junebug’s head was down, he was reading a book. The guard who brought Jack to his cell, said “here’s the new fish!”

Junebug still didn’t look up. He normally didn’t like new fishes. They usually started trouble, trying to act tough. Gaziantep Escort Reklamları Junebug usually ignored them. He was trying to change his life. Trying to do the right things. So he pay no attention to Jack. And went to sleep! Jack climb up to the top bunk. He felt good that his cellmate didn’t mess with him today. But he wondered when it would happen. He hoped it didn’t happen!

That next day at lunch, Jack spoke with some of the other inmates. He asked about his cellmate, Junebug too. The older inmates told him that Junebug is well respected among almost all the inmates. Jack now knew who would protect him. Now he just had to ask. And that was the problem.

Jack hoped Junebug would protect him. Jack went back to his cell. When Jack entered, he saw Junebug was reading a magazine. He try to start a conversation with Junebug. It didn’t work, Junebug didn’t say a word. So Jack bluntly put it out there, that he needed protection. Junebug still didn’t say a word. Jack say that he didn’t want to be somebody’s bitch! He said that he would do anything, as long he was protected.

Junebug heard what Jack said. But he still didn’t speak. When Jack asked for protection, Junebug thought it. He was never asked to protect anybody before, he look up and saw a nice looking chubby guy. Junebug thought about it some more. When Jack said he would do anything, Junebug wanted to tell Jack that he didn’t have to say that. Because he was going to protect him for free. He liked that Jack showed him respect, and that Jack was upfront with him. But Jack continued, he added that he would suck Junebug cock. And let Junebug fuck his virgin ass!

Junebug listened clearly. He wasn’t gay and never had sex with any of the other inmates. He didn’t know what to think. He just met this new fish, he didn’t even know the guy’s name. Then this new fish is asking for protection. And he’s offering oral sex and anal sex. What could Junebug do? Say NO! Junebug didn’t have sex since he went to prison.

Junebug thought about it, kinda interested and kinda turned off. Jack was eager for a response, and said the same things about giving oral sex & anal sex. Jack was not gay either, but he has always been open-minded. Jack never sucked a cock before, but he would try his best to protect his life. He would do anything to protect it! Jack has never been fucked in the ass. But he did have his ex-girlfriends play with his ass. Not all the time though! Jack did enjoy it some.

Jack worried when Junebug didn’t respond. Jack got bold and went to his knees. He took the magazine from Junebug’s hand, and threw it on the floor. Junebug was shocked. Jack pulled Junebug’s cock through his pants. Junebug’s cock got hard.

He couldn’t believe it, he never got hard by another man before. Jack boldly started to pull down Junebug’s pants. Junebug saw Jack’s expression, when Jack looked at Junebug’s very big and hard cock. Jack was amazed at the size and the bulk. Jack thought it was between 8-to-9 inches, he’ll maybe 10 inches!!!

Jack got back to reality. He bent his head down and stuck his tongue out. Jack lick Junebug’s big cock. Junebug closed his eyes and leaned his head back. He wanted to say something, but the only sound he made was a light moan. Jack licked up and down the big cock, he tasted Junebug’s pre-cum. Jack sucked on the tip of the big cock. He soon took more and more of it into his mouth. Jack then grabbed the base and jerked Junebug’s cock while he sucked on the balls.

Junebug groaned somewhat loudly. Jack felt good that he was pleasing Junebug. Jack sucked that cock like his life depended on it, which it did ofcourse. Jack remembered how he use to get blow jobs from his girlfriends. He copied what they did to him. Jack sucked Junebug’s cock real good.

Junebug knew he was going to cum soon. Junebug grabbed Jack’s head and forced him deeper on to his big cock. Jack didn’t want to admit, that he liked it! He liked pleasing Junebug’s big and bulky cock.

Jack felt the big cock grow larger in his mouth. Junebug grabbed his cock and groaned loudly as he shot his thick load, in Jack’s mouth. Most of the cum went in Jack’s mouth. His tongue was cover in cum. Cum was on his lips and a little was on his chin. Junebug told Jack to swallow all of his cum. Jack didn’t want to not do what his protector told him do. So he swallow every last drop. Jack secretly loved it! He sucked out every drop from Junebug’s cock.

To be continued…

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