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Beautiful Ass

*** The Parking Lot ***

‘What’s keeping you this morning, Miss Bell?’ I thought to myself as I pulled aside the tree limb blocking my view of the teachers’ parking lot. Watching her arrive for our first-period biology class was part of my new morning ritual, now that I had found this place of solitude. My secluded spot was behind a tree in the vacant lot beside the college. I let the branch flip back into place and slumped against the tree’s trunk.

Here, I found solitude from the incessant teasing of my classmates Claire and Stephanie, with whom I had an arrangement. As class nerd, I was relied upon to help them get high marks, and in compensation, I was allowed to be seen with them. Or that was the theory, at least. In reality, they knew that I was a pushover, and they were increasingly taking advantage of our situation to embarrass me. I was powerless to say no to these two sirens. To say no to Claire’s high cheekbones, small sharp nose, lush shoulder-length black hair and tight little body. To say no to Stephanie’s full lips, bouncy curly hair, ample breasts and exotic brown skin.

I had to stop thinking that way! I don’t know why, but recently, my mind was tending towards impure thoughts. To keep things in perspective, we were all just innocent 18-year-old students, going to a church-run College. I needed to stay true to our conservative, religious upbringing – to remain uncorrupted. But my thoughts, and my urges … No! I had to stay strong.

I slipped around behind the tree, closed my eyes and let my mind drift. In my mind’s eye, a little red sports car zipped into view and curved smoothly into a parking spot. I imagined a door flinging open and a pair of delicate, high-heeled shoes swinging out onto the tarmac. Then, Miss Bell would emerge from the compact two-seater, with a lot of wiggling and shifting against the confines of her tight-fitting skirt-suit. Thinking about her contortions made me feel funny. Miss Bell’s caring mentorship aroused my admiration for her, but her soft, ample figure and bouncy, short-cut hair aroused my …

“Tim-mee?” A girl’s voice gave me a start. When I opened my eyes, Stephanie was hovering in front of me. “Timmy, what are you doing way over here?” she asked.

Then suddenly, Claire’s face appeared at my shoulder from around the tree. “We’ve been looking for you,” she said My heart leapt again and then fell when I realized that my solitude was now gone forever. “Were you trying to avoid us?”

“No, I …,” I stuttered, “I just … I …”

“We need you to try something for us,” Stephanie interrupted. She approached until her body was uncomfortably close. Her white school shirt seemed inappropriately tight, and her large breasts were in danger of pressing against my chest. I scrunched back against the tree.

“Yeah, we need a ‘male’.” Claire rested her chin on my shoulder, preventing me from turning to look at her.

Stephanie held up a small plastic pill bottle between a thumb and finger. “We need you to take some of these.”

“Pleeease,” Claire pleaded. I could feel her warm breath on the side of my neck.

“What are they?” I squirmed as Claire’s lips closed in.

“Just Tic-Tacs,” Stephanie said and tumbled a few blue pills into her palm.

“Tic-Tacs? Why would you need me to take Tic-Tacs?” I scrutinized them more closely. “Hey, those aren’t Tic-Tacs!!”

Stephanie screwed up her face with a look of disappointed impatience. She held her open palm in front of my face and cocked one eyebrow. Behind us, the sound of a high-revving, down-shifting engine crossed from left to right, announcing the arrival of our biology teacher.

Claire nosed in closer to my ear. “Timmy,” she whined, “We don’t have all day.” Then she pulled back and looked over at the sound of the opening car door. “Why are you out here all by yourself anyways?” A pair of hard-soled shoes scuffed and clicked across the parking lot. Suddenly, Claire inhaled sharply. “Are you stalking Miss Bell?” she said eagerly, “Were you going to ogle her?”

I blushed. Of course, that wasn’t true. It was just a … a … a coincidence that we happened to be here at the same time today. … Well, every day really.

“Miss Bell!!” Claire called out and then scooched in between Stephanie and me behind the tree, giggling. Her hands and face and … and breasts pressed into my chest as she flattened against me out of view. The clicking sound on the pavement halted. The three of us held our breaths.

Claire spun around in place to face Stephanie and pressed back to pin me against the tree. Her bum ground into my groin, and I tried to pull back even further to avoid the inappropriate contact. All this touching was making me feel weird.

In the distance, the footsteps resumed, and Claire hurriedly spoke to Stephanie. “Okay. Give me those, and get ready to take his pants off. If he doesn’t take the pills, we’ll push him out into the open.” I swallowed and felt a sudden twinge of panic in my balls.

Stephanie giggled and passed over her holdings. Claire Gaziantep Olgun Escort yelled out again, “Miss Bell!” Again, the footsteps stopped.

Slowly and deliberately, Claire turned around to face me again. Holding the pills up to me expectantly, she stared at me through the top of her eyes, while Stephanie tried to reach for my belt and stay out of sight behind the tree at the same time.

I could have sworn that Miss Bell’s footsteps were approaching us, and I felt my balls tingle with tension. “All right, all right,” I conceded and took one of the pills gingerly out of her palm. The little blue diamond-shaped tablet looked like candy, but when I bit down on it, it tasted bitter and made me grimace.

“Come on, come on,” Claire rushed me and thrust her palm against my dramatically contorted lips. I couldn’t help but to swallow her handful.

“Yesss!” Claire said triumphantly as she backed away. I coughed for a bit and then looked up to see their two faces beaming with achievement. Miss Bell must have finally entered the school because my tormentors seemed unconcerned about standing in the open.

I lunged out and snatched the pill bottle out of Stephanie’s hand. “Natural Male Enhancement,” I read from the label. “Warning: priapism and frequent uncontrolled release, though rare, may occur. Consult a physician if …” Stephanie grabbed the container back.

My eyes bugged out. “What? What have you done?”

Stephanie moved closer, and both of them studied my face. “Do you see anything different?” said Stephanie.

“No, do you?”

“Unh, unh.”

“So, Timmy, do you feel more ‘male’ or more ‘enhanced’ or anything?” Stephanie asked.

“I feel sick,” I replied as I thought about what had just happened, but in truth, I was feeling something strange happening in my pants. My groin was getting really warm, and I could swear that my penis and testicles were swelling. I was about to comment on it when a figured appeared from behind the tree.

“What’s going on here?” she said. The three of us jumped.

“Hi, Miss Bell,” Claire said and looked back at me slyly, “We called you over because Timmy is not feeling well.”

“Ohhh, Timothy,” Miss Bell pouted, placing a hand on my shoulder, “What’s wrong, sweetie?”

I knew better than to tell the truth and risk later consequences. Both Claire and Stephanie were grinning broadly at my predicament. I looked over at Miss Bell. My goodness, she looked incredibly attractive today – those thick lips, high cheekbones and clear skin. My cock suddenly leapt; my groin was on fire. Could anyone see how big I was getting? “I’m feeling a little nauseous, but I’ll be okay.”

“Are you sure, honey?” Her fingers traced up through my hair, sending an electric tingle down my spine. My hardening penis pushed past a fold in my underpants and thrust into a less constrained position. “I could take you to see the nurse,” she said.

“No! No, I’ll be okay.” I watched Stephanie whisper something behind a cupped hand to Claire, who looked down at my growing problem. Both of their eyes widened.

“Well just to be sure, why don’t you walk with me to class?”

As we crossed the parking lot, I had to take some awkward initial steps to reposition the erection in my pants without using my hand to make the adjustment. Behind me, I heard some muffled laughter. The fast clicking pace of Miss Bell’s high-heels caused me further agony as my now tight pants rubbed on my hard-on with each step.

Miss Bell was wearing a thin white shirt without a jacket. I could see easily through the material at her white lacy bra, which was not doing a proper job of supporting her breasts. Her wonderfully full mounds were bouncing out of control with her sharp steps. Her brusque pace was carried forward by shapely, black-stockinged legs, which curved shamelessly high up her body until ending at the snug hem of a small, grey skirt. Overall, she looked both firm and flouncy at the same time.

I, on the other hand, was just firm, and getting firmer. I covered my front with my books and looked around desperately to see if anyone was taking notice. Miss Bell saw that I was having trouble walking, and to comfort me, she put her hand around my neck, swiping a finger gently up and down my cheek. That just increased my agony.

*** The Classroom ***

When we arrived at the biology lab, Miss Bell went to the board, and I made my way, awkwardly, to my group’s lab table at the back. I really needed to excuse myself to the toilet so that I could undo the tension in my pants, but I knew that class was about to start. So I thought that, if I could just sit down for a while, I could probably relax and deflate a bit.

I was not used to having erections, except for when I woke up with them on some mornings. And whenever that happened, I always took cold showers, as you are supposed to do until you get married. Yes, a cold shower would really do the trick right about now. Of course, on a few of those mornings, I would soap myself down there. That also seemed to relieve the problem if I soaped and soaped and soaped … No! Stop thinking that way!

As I settled onto the middle stool of the lab station, I was relieved to notice how the height of the lab table covered my problem area. Then, over top of the table, I caught sight of my two evil lab partners arriving, and I realized that I was not out of the woods yet. Claire and Stephanie entered the class in the middle of a bevy of chattering and snickering girls. As the girls broke away from the group to sit down, they each stole a glance back at me before grinning nervously and turning to the front of room. Claire and Stephanie hustled to their stools on either side of me and scooted closer than normal.

“People! People!” Miss Bell called out. “Settle down please. You all have a lab to complete today, and I want to go over the instructions quickly so that you can get at it.”

I tried to be nonchalant; I tried to pay attention. But on either side of me, my lab partners were staring at me, and my ignoring them was not making them stop. I finally looked to my right where Claire was beaming with an all-knowing grin. She seemed pretty pleased with herself. I then turned to the left where Stephanie’s toothy smile showed an equal degree of self-satisfaction. As Stephanie wiggled her arched eyebrows up and down, I challenged her quietly, “Whaaat?”

Claire leaned on my shoulder and drew herself closer. I turned my head. Her face was directly in front of mine. I could smell the powder from her make-up. She brought a hand up between our eyes and curled her index finger downwards. She made little pointing movements towards my lap and then grinned again.

“Whaaat?” I repeated.

Claire moved her hand down onto my thigh and slid it up towards my … Whoa!!! I caught her wrist and pulled her hand off my leg.

Claire sighed. She calmly lifted my hand onto the top of the lab table and returned her hand to my thigh. In support, Stephanie grabbed my other hand, moved it onto of the table and held it there. I could tell that any further struggling would be pointless.

Claire slid her hand up my thigh and onto the bulge in my pants. “Oh my goodness!” she said under her breath. Stephanie looked down to watch the progress. Claire roved over my groin and clenched the bulges she encountered. She squeezed one ball and then the other. I looked around the room nervously and caught girls glancing furtively back at us. When Claire found my cock, she slid her fingers along its length and whispered, “Ho-ly!” in surprise.

I was shocked that she was touching me like this and ashamed that it felt so good. “Stop!” I breathed. Then Stephanie reached down to check out what Claire was reacting to. She took her turn fondling my bulge and let out a surprised cough at what she found. More girls’ heads glanced back.

Claire grabbed Stephanie’s hand and ran it along the length of my shaft. Her palm pressed down as it went, and I felt a thrill travel down my erection with the rub. Inadvertently, I pressed back against her hand, and she made a few more passes. “Stop!” I tried to insist between rubs but to no avail.

Claire grabbed my zipper and pulled it down. I snapped my head over in shock. “What are you doing?!!” I said in panic, but she just grabbed my chin and swivelled my head back around. “Shhh. Pay attention. You’re doing the lab,” she whispered. I lifted my hand to re-close my fly, but Stephanie pounced on it immediately.

Claire threaded her fingers into the opening of my fly. She fought against the tight confines but eventually worked her way inside. A shiver went up my spine when I felt her whole hand inside my pants. She explored with her fingertips. She squeezed and toyed with each ball and then grasped my hard-on. She took her time kneading, rubbing and squeezing it. It felt so good – so very, very good.

I exhaled audibly, and she experimented with her caresses to see which ones would make me react the most noticeably. She moved her mouth to my ear and whispered, “Do you like that?” I could only whimper back, “Mmmm …”

When I eventually opened my eyes, I saw a girl at the front of the room staring at us intently. Across the aisle, two girls were giggling and whispering as they glanced over.

Claire pinched and pulled at the material of my underpants. She was pulling my shorts down inside my pants! The waistband dragged along the length of my erection. I shifted my hips to stop her, but that only allowed her to hook the band under my balls. All of a sudden, her soft fingertips rested on my cock’s sensitive skin. They traced lightly up its underside, and then a single fingertip made a delicate run over my tender head. No girl had ever touched my bare penis before! “Ohhh!” I gasped. Little tingles ran up and down my erection, and a funny sensation brewed in my balls. It felt like what happens when I wash too thoroughly in the shower. I was getting very hot and sweaty.

“What are you doing?” Stephanie asked insistently.

“I pulled his underpants down, and I’m touching his wiener.”

“No! Let me try.”

“No, here, hold his fly open,” Claire said as she withdrew her hand, “And I’ll pull it out.”

“What?!!” I panicked.

“Shhh,” Claire responded, “Don’t be a wuss, Timmy.”

“No way!! The …,” but Stephanie had already grabbed at the flaps of my fly, holding it open for Claire, who wrapped her thin fingers around my hard-on and pulled. But my cock was too stiff to pull out easily. “Hey! Hey!” I said sharply. Then on her next try, the head of my penis rubbed along the inside of my pants and made me shudder. Claire jerked to extract it, and then jerked again, and then again. Each time she pulled, a jolt of pleasure went through my whole lower region. I gasped with each attempt.

Finally, she made a long pull, and it snapped smartly out into the open air. All that rubbing made my erection pulse. I looked around in panic to see who would notice my exposure. Luckily, most people were listening to the teacher, but then I saw the two girls next to us looking over and conferring excitedly. Both Stephanie and Claire stared at my pole.

“Touch it,” Stephanie whispered.

“I already touched it,” Claire replied, “You touch it.”

Stephanie reached down cautiously. She traced along my sensitive skin and then back. Something was happening in my balls. She curled her fingers gently around the top of my cock and passed her thumb lightly over my head.

“Is anything wrong back there, Claire?” Miss Bell asked.

The three of us snapped our heads up towards the front of the class, and Stephanie jerked her arm back to her side.

“Oh, I just dropped something,” Claire responded, “It’s okay. I’ll get it.” Claire dropped down to her knees, as Miss Bell went back to her lesson. Claire was grinning naughtily beneath the table. She moved her face towards my groin and kept her eyes locked on mine.

“Timmy,” she whispered up at me, “Should I lick it?”

I shook my head insistently, but she had already extended her tongue. She leaned closer and closer. Stephanie covered her mouth with her hand. The tip of Claire’s tongue barely touched my sac and flicked.

Something was happening. A tingle vibrated at the base of my cock. I pulled back, but Claire grabbed my cock to prevent my escape. Her grasp did something drastic. A spasm overtook my body and shuddered all the way from my toes up to my head. Claire held on for dear life as I thrust instinctively against her grip. My pelvis lunged forward, and my penis, with Claire’s hand, disappeared into a book slot under the table’s countertop. My balls clenched, and spurts of cum shot through my penis and splattered against the inside wall of the lab table. I gripped the edge of the counter and embedded my fingertips into its wood. My neck muscles clenched with tension. Shot after shot pulsed through Claire’s grip as if it would never stop, but when it finally did, I emitted a deep, low moan under my breath.

“Is everything okay back there, Timothy?” The question came from Miss Bell and caused many of the girls in the class to snicker. Everyone was looking at us.

I was barely conscious. My breathing was ragged, and blood was just returning to my head. Claire jumped up and yelled, “Found it!” holding up a pencil. And then I added, unconvincingly, that I was fine. But I wasn’t fine. My erection was still full on and throbbing.

*** The Lab ***

“Okay everyone,” Miss Bell called out, “Get started on your labs.” All at once, there was general commotion in the room as books were put away and lab equipment was set up. I tried to catch my breath.

Claire held her hand out for Stephanie to see, and then she spread her fingers. A string of cum stretched out between her fingertips like a spider-web. Stephanie stifled a laugh. My head was swimming as I thought about my cum being on Claire’s fingers, and then I saw Miss Bell making her way back to our station. I knew that I was not going to be able to get zipped up before she arrived. My hard-on was not going down and was, if anything, even larger now. What if she saw me standing here with my penis sticking out of my pants … and dripping with cum? I pressed my pelvis against the table to hide my erection in the book slot under the counter. A strange odour was wafting up from underneath, and I was turning bright red.

“Hi, Miss Bell,” Claire said as our teacher reached us, “Timmy still looks shaky. Maybe he should go see the nurse.” What was she doing??? I was exposed over here!

“Timothy, do you want me to walk you down to the nurse’s office?” Miss Bell asked. “You do look a little flushed.” As she talked, Claire turned to me, grinning with an evil glint in her eye, and Stephanie leaned across the table at my waist, looking up at us attentively.

“No, I’m okay,” I insisted. “I just sneezed; that’s all.” Everyone seemed to be closing in on me. Why couldn’t they just leave me alone? Suddenly, I felt something rub against my penis. I looked down at Stephanie, who was resting her chin on her hand and her elbow on the table. But where was her other hand? Then, I felt fingertips trace lightly along my hard shaft in the book slot.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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