Night-time Disturbance Ch. 02

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I drifted in and out of sleep, as my slumbering brain slowly pieced together last night’s events. Initially I thought it was a dream, albeit the most realistic one I had ever had. Then I realised I had woken up naked and belatedly became aware of my different surroundings. Last night’s events crystallised. I was no longer a virgin and the girl who had taken my cherry was lying on her side with her back to me. I gulped both in shock and total disbelief that such a thing should have happened to me.

My heart pounding I assumed she was still sleeping but what to do? Wake her? Leave? Start feeling her up? Despite the previous intimacy between us I remained nervous and a bit embarrassed. However my cock shared none of my feeling as it began to stiffen making a noticeable bulge in the bedding. I was tempted to lift up the covers and get a look at Mel’s body, but part of me shied away for being too forward; I was in a quandary

Fortunately I was saved by Annie leaving her bedroom and walking to the bathroom flushing the toilet and then putting on the shower which made a loud whirring sound through the wall. Mel shifted her body. Although I was unable to tell whether she had fully woken as she had her back to me, but she did move a few more times. Then I heard her yawn so clearly she was awake.

I took a deep breath, ‘Mel.’

She turned over and studied my face for a few moments before replying, ‘are you alright?’


‘No regrets?’

‘No of course not.’

She smiled, ‘that’s good.’

There was none of the awkwardness just a moment earlier I had envisaged and the fact she was still being so nice and naked next to me made me want to repeat the events of last night. But what chance? Was last night just a one off?

‘Thanks for last night.’

‘That’s alright, it was good. But you need to keep your voice down, I don’t want Annie to know your here, we’re not supposed to sleep with the guests.’

‘Okay,’ I whispered, ‘sorry, I’m still a bit, you know…’

She raised an eyebrow.


‘Yes, you were very excited last night weren’t you.’

I assumed she was referring to my premature ejaculations, ‘sorry,’ I replied as I could feel the colour going to my cheeks.

‘Don’t worry, sex is like anything else, the more you practice the better you get.’

I should have given a smart arse answer along the lines that I definitely needed more practice, but instead I just replied, ‘yeah.’

Mel did not reply and the silence hung. I had no idea what she was thinking and self-doubts began to creep into my mind. Was she thinking it was just a one-off? That she’d had too much to drink? Or waiting for Annie to leave so she could kick me out of the chalet?

I could still hear Annie through the walls, she had moved to the kitchen, boiled the kettle and it sounded like she had made herself some toast.

I rationalised the situation, I was naked with a girl less than a foot away from me who had made all the running and taken my virginity. There was no reason for me to act like she was a total stranger and erase everything which had happened.

So taking a deep breath I turned on my side so my left elbow propped me up. Remembering last night’s instructions about being gentle, with the fingertips of my right hand I gently stroked Mel’s stomach under the covers.

‘What are you doing?’

‘Sorry, I just thought you know.’

‘I don’t know.’

She had responded in a neutral tone, so I had no idea whether she wanted me to stop or continue, ‘what you said earlier about practice.’


‘I should have said, “I need a bit more practice.”‘

‘So I’m just something to practice on?’

‘No of course not.’

‘That’s okay then.’

I wasn’t completely sure what she meant, but she hadn’t told me to stop so I continued to gently stroke her stomach. A few minutes passed; I was unsure of whether I was doing the right thing as Mel had not said a word. I looked at her face, her eyes were closed and I wondered whether my ministrations had sent her to sleep. ‘Mel,’ I whispered as I stopped.

‘It’s alright; you don’t have to don’t stop.’

Her words gave me a nice confidence boost. Not wishing to rush things my hand gradually began to wonder all over her stomach, circling her belly button and stroking just below her breasts. Her skin was wonderfully smooth and warm and feeling her skin against mine made me think. I’d heard stories that without it was so much better. Last night she had offered but I had turned her down. Would I ever have a better opportunity?

Mel’s breathing became slower and deeper and she readjusted herself sinking further down the bed. Clearly being slow and gentle was having the desired effect. With this in mind my hand began to go lower, gentle circles that lightly touched the top of her pubic hair in passing. In between circles I gently brushed the tops of her thighs.

Mel gave a gentle moan and softly took hold of my hand moving it upwards towards her breasts. As before, I gently circled them. Rather than go higher to her nipples Gaziantep Elden Ücret Alan Escort I gently ran my hand down her neck and along one collar bone to the other.

Mel’s body was still obscured by the covers and so I slowly began to pull them back. She gave a little murmur of encouragement. Although the bedroom curtains were drawn, they were made of thin material and were no real defence against the early morning sunlight. Once the covers were down I saw her breasts properly for the first time. As she was lying on her back they formed two wonderful fleshy mounds which I was eager to explore further. Her areola weren’t large about an inch at most and it appeared to my inexperienced eyes her nipples were swollen. I looked down at her stomach which was flat but not muscled or toned with a cute little belly button.

‘Steve,’ Mel had opened her eyes and realised I’d been staring at her.

‘Sorry, but I could look at you all day.’

‘Anyone would think you’ve never seen a naked girl before,’ she joked, before smiling, ‘now that you’ve finished ogling me.’

Fighting the urge to suck on her nipples I circled round her right breast using a light a touch as possible but edging closer to her nipple with every circle. After what seem like a few minutes I gently ran my finger over her nipple and slowly circled the nipple itself.

In time Mel leant upwards and beckoned me to kiss her which naturally I did. The kiss began slow and sensual but soon increased in intensity. Mel pulled away, looked in the direction of the lounge and muttered, ‘oh hurry up Annie and go.’ Before whispering in my ear, ‘all your touching and stroking has got me a bit wet Steve.’

An increased wave of excitement swept over me as I responded with words I never thought possible, ‘touching and looking at you has made me really hard.’

Mel stifled a giggle as she flung the covers back over to her side of the bed to reveal my throbbing cock. ‘My my, we have got the early morning horn and what do you propose to do with that?’

‘A bit more practice.’

Mel smiled, looked at the wall to her left and said, ‘when Annie goes.’ She then began stroking my cock and I soon began to quietly moan as I got even stiffer and my balls began to ache.

‘You’re not going to cum are you?’

‘I might if you carry on like that.’

‘Okay, I’ll stop for a bit, but you need to get used to me touching it and later when the real fun starts hopefully you won’t cum so quick.’

‘I can’t believe this is happening to me.’

She chuckled, ‘I’ve not got a regular boyfriend at the moment and I do miss sex alot.’

I was surprised at her frankness, which she obviously recognised, as she continued, ‘us girls like sex as well you know. Like I said last night, I saw the way you looked me up and down when I went to bed.’

I blushed.

‘What were you thinking?’

‘Er I don’t know really.’

‘Come on you can tell me, did you want to follow me into my bedroom and do bad things to me?’

I nodded.

‘I thought so. You do know, the way you looked at me gave me a little tingle somewhere,’ as she spoke she flung the covers right back to reveal herself fully to me. She then pointed to her pussy just so I was under no illusions where she’d experienced her tingle.

I must have groaned in pleasure when I saw her fully naked and was glad she did not have hold of my cock otherwise I might have cum. I eventually replied with a croaked, ‘really!’

She laughed, ‘just a little tingle. But lying alone in bed I thought about that, you wanted me but were too scared to do anything about it. I guessed you were probably a virgin. Then I had some naughty thoughts, what it would be like to take your cherry, to see how you would react, whether you would be nervous or not. But they were only thoughts I didn’t think anything would ever come of them. I was genuinely a bit thirsty and then when I realised you were awake I thought I should apologise for teasing you the way I did.

‘And when you talked about the girls at college and admitted you were a virgin, I did feel a bit sorry for you because you’re not ugly or anything so I thought we could have a bit of fun. I wasn’t going to go all the way with you, just a snog and that…’

Further discussion was interrupted by Annie’s voice from the lounge, ‘Mel.’

‘Shit,’ giggled Mel, ‘yeah.’

‘We’re running low on milk and teabags, can you get some for later.’

‘Will do.’

‘Oh and where did Steve go?’

‘I don’t know, I guess he must have gone back to his chalet.’

There was a long pause from Annie before she replied, ‘oh really! How come his trousers, socks and shoes are by the settee?’

Mel bit my shoulder as she tried to stifle a laugh.

A short while later Annie said, ‘I’m off, bye Mel.’


There was a deliberate pause from Annie before she said, ‘oh and bye Steve.’

As soon the front door closed Mel collapsed in fits of giggles.

‘You’re not going to get into any trouble are you?’

‘No, Annie won’t say anything. Now where were we?’

‘Er, about how last night you were only going to snog me.’

‘Oh that’s right; your kisses were so nice and sexy.’

I nodded as we leaned into each other and kissed. Slowly at first but gradually with more passion as our tongues fought a sexy duel with each other. Both lying on our sides I put my hand down and felt her breasts. Mel hissed in my ear, ‘lower Steve, finger my pussy.’

I put my hand downwards towards her pussy, this in turn forced my head down towards her breasts and I sucked on her right nipple. My hand brushed against her hairy pussy as I again struggled to find her hole but as before Mel gripped my hand. I inserted my middle finger into her, ‘oh yes that feels really good.’

I fingered her for a few minutes and periodically sucked on her right nipple again. Mel would occasionally stroke my cock or give it a gentle squeeze. She then whispered sexily into my ear, ‘get a condom.’

‘Er, I think I’ve run out.’ I lied, as the thoughts I’d had earlier whilst stroking her stomach returned.

‘I’m sure you had some in your wallet.’

‘Oh yeah, sorry I must have forgotten.’ I silently cursed myself.

‘Don’t worry I’ve got some,’ Mel got up from the bed and must have seen the look on my face, ‘Steve is there anything wrong?’


‘You don’t sound so sure, what’s wrong?’

‘Sorry, I wish now I…’

‘What is it?’ There was a change in the tone of her voice, ‘do you now think last night was a mistake?’

‘No, no of course not, it was the best night of my life.’

‘What then?’

‘You know… I’m sorry last night, you know…’ I was struggling to get the words out due to a combination of nerves and excitement, ‘er … about the business with the condom.’

‘That’s alright,’ she smiled as she produced one from a jewellery box on top of the chest of drawers next to the bed. ‘Better to be safe than sorry.’

I nodded frustrated with myself as I had been unable to reveal my true wishes, however as I looked at her again and stared straight at her wonderful pussy, I just blurted out, ‘been so safe.’

‘I don’t understand.’

‘I want to…’ my sentence trailed off.

‘I know,’ she replied as she looked down lustfully at my cock which remained hard.

‘No, I want to.’

‘What do you mean?’ Her expression had changed to one of mild concern as her hands now rested on her hips.

Then I said it, ‘you know about what you were saying last night about being on the pill.’

‘Sorry, I still don’t understand.’ Mel paused, then looked up at the ceiling for a moment before she removed her hands from her hips and looked down at me as the realisation dawned, ‘Steve, are you asking me what I think you are?’

I nodded slightly embarrassed.

‘You want to do it without a condom this time?’

I nodded again, excitement building.

‘What, and cum inside me as well?’

However, her question was delivered quickly and I thought she might have been cross with me for suggesting such a thing, ‘sorry, I’ve just heard it’s supposed to be much better, I can wear one if you want.’

‘Last night it was all I had to do to get you to kiss me and now you want to do that to me.’

‘Look I’m really sorry, I shouldn’t have suggested it.’

‘Hmm,’ she paused, ‘so you lied to me?’


‘You have got some condoms in your wallet?’

‘Yeah, it’s just if you thought I didn’t have any you’d let me…’ my sentence trailed off.

‘Do it without a condom?’

‘Sorry, it’s just that I really, really wish last night I’d taken you up on your offer.’

‘I shouldn’t have suggested it last night; it was probably all that wine I had.’

Despite my concern that Mel was angry and might kick me out, my cock remained rock hard totally oblivious to the change in atmosphere. ‘I’m really sorry.’

‘Well, he doesn’t look very sorry does he?’ Replied Mel staring at my erect cock.


‘I suppose you still want to do it?’

I nodded expecting her to show me the door.

‘With or without?’ The tone of her voice changed yet again.


‘With or without a condom?’

‘What you mean?’

Mel gave a little smirk, ‘sorry Steve I was only teasing you, to think that I’d be the first girl you ever cum inside is a huge turn on to me.’

‘So you’re not cross with me?’

‘No, only that you should have said straight out, rather than pretending you’d run out.’


‘Stop saying sorry,’ and, pointing to my cock, ‘you need to give him a good wash first though.’

I literally ran to the bathroom, soaped my cock and washed all the water off. Already I was seeping pre-cum.

Mel remained standing and smiled, ‘that was quick. Is he nice and clean?’


‘Thinking about you cumming inside me has made me even more wet you know,’ with that Mel shuffled over to the bed and sat down.

I sat down on the bed next to her. In response Mel lifted herself up slightly, opened her legs and leant back exposing her pussy fully. Taking the hint, I slid my index finger inside her right up to my knuckle. I then slowly withdrew my finger which was covered in her glistening juices. I stared for a few moments and then instinctively put out my tongue and gingerly licked the tip of my finger tasting a girl’s juices for the first time.

Mel watched open mouthed, ‘oh Steve, that’s really naughty, but very, very sexy, you’re a real dark horse.’ As Mel spoke she shifted position so she was lying on the bed. She then spread her legs and said, ‘come here.’

I remained sitting on the bed looking down at her gorgeous body, ‘Mel,’ I asked tentatively.

‘What is it?’

‘Can I ask you something?’


‘Do you think we can do it so I can see my cock going into you?’

Mel sat up on the bed with a look of surprise on her face. She spent a few moments gathering her thoughts before replying, ‘I think you’re a bit kinky Steve I wonder what you’ll be asking next.’


‘Are you sure, you don’t want to try on my panties or anything?’

‘Of course not,’ I fired back, perhaps a little too aggressively. ‘Sorry, but it would make it, you know, more real for me to watch it actually going into you.’

She smiled, nodded and replied, ‘that sound like fun.’ Mel then swung her legs round and eased herself forward so she was sitting on the edge of the bed with her feet touching the floor. I looked down at her pussy as I pictured my cock slowly sliding into her.

She must have been reading my thoughts, ‘no, not on the bed that won’t work,’ she then paused for a few moments, ‘help me get this clutter off the chest-of-drawers.’

Various items were soon removed to reveal a bare wooden surface. I watched as Mel facing me, placed her two hands behind herself on the top of the chest-of-drawers and began to ease herself upwards onto the bare surface. ‘Oh this is a bit cold on my bum,’ she remarked as soon as her bottom made contact with the wood. She then shuffled her bottom into position so her feet ended up off the ground and her legs were slightly apart. As I looked down I could see the top of her dark triangle.

She smiled; I slowly walked the short distance towards her and stopped just short of her knees which were slightly apart. I gazed at her body for a few moments gently stroking her left nipple with the back of my fingers, before muttering, ‘wow.’

I ran my hands gently halfway up Mel’s thighs and she parted them. This allowed me to edge between them, which Mel brought slowly together. The feel of her soft thighs against mine was electric. I gazed into her eyes and looked down at her naked body, my stiff cock now directly over her pussy.

She smiled, ‘are you okay?’

I looked down at my cock, ‘can I?’

‘I’m not ready yet,’ she replied ‘play with my pussy first.’

I brought my hand down and stroked her pussy a few times conscious and very turned on by how hot and wet it felt on the tips of my fingers.

Mel moaned softly, ‘slip a finger into me.’

My finger slipped effortlessly into her, she was incredibly wet and groaned, ‘put another one in me.’

I inserted another digit and slowly began to finger-fuck her.

‘Oh that feels so good, now rub my clit.’

I rubbed on her slippery clit as Mel began to moan louder and more frequently. Whilst this was turning me on no end I desperately wanted to enter her. My cock remained above her pussy which made penetration impossible. I therefore edged my feet apart which lowered my torso. Mel’s thighs had remained against mine and in spreading my legs it brought her thighs further apart which opened up her pussy which was now level with my cock.

Mel responded by gently leaning backwards and shuffling her bottom forward which brought her pussy within a few inches of my cock.

I moaned as Mel took hold of my cock and directed it towards her open pussy lips. Looking down at my cock as it moved ever closer I expected her to guide me into her sexy hole. Instead she moved my knob to just above it. Gripping my cock she slowly rubbed it against her clit.

Looking down I groaned, ‘what are you doing?’

‘It’s not all about you; this position’s really good for me. I love it when a guy rubs his cock against my clit.’

I might have nodded, but remembered looking down and seeing her hand gripping my cock and my knob slowly rubbing up and down against her clearly visible clit. Seeing that and all the sensations it brought, her thighs against mine, her hot breath against my ear and her nakedness were becoming too much.

Mel must have sensed this as she asked, ‘you’re not going to cum?’

‘I think you’d better stop.’

Mel nodded, ‘rub it with your fingers then, I want to see if we can cum together.’

The frustration of not being able to enter her, coupled with the excitement I felt as I rubbed her clit was indescribable. As Mel had stopped rubbing my cock against her clit meant I was safe from ejaculation despite my cock remaining only inches away from her pussy.

‘Mm yes, that’s good I’m pretty close.’ She paused for a moment and said, ‘I’m ready.’ With that she looked down at my cock, smiled and gripped it firmly. ‘Are you watching Steve?’

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