Something in the Water Ch. 05

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Big Dicks

Saturday morning I awoke with apprehension. For the first time my fantasies and perversions were open to those beyond myself; Jillian and Doug would arrive at about 4:30 for a barbeque and lots of wine. Normally in the past this would have meant a good old fashioned blitz of fun, but things had changed; pissing on tree trunks with Doug in the forest would never be the same. I laughed lightly to myself at that thought, but it was true. Now that I knew that Doug was a cross dresser too, our relationship had to change. I wondered if he knew as much about me as I now knew about him, his body hair removal, his domination by Jillian. That was the crux of it all. What did he know?

Everything was unfamiliar this morning. My body hair was gone; my armpits, chest, and legs felt light and airy, smooth like satin, and yet there was already telltale bristle in places, so I stepped into the shower to shave. Very quickly I realized this was ridiculous; if I had to do this for the rest of my life, then most of my time would be spent in the shower. I thought of Doug and realized that was the way I had to go. I would have it removed by laser, electrolysis, whatever it took, as long as I didn’t have to waste all this time in the shower day after day.

Jenny came in to shower and she laughed at my fussing, but when I expressed my decision on hair removal, she agreed and said she would make an appointment with a specialist for next week. My secret world was expanding rapidly.

At the breakfast table later I expressed my worry about having Jillian and Doug over that evening. Jen put her hand on my hand which held my coffee and said gently, “It’s okay. You know they’re good people. Friends are friends, right? False friends would run away. You know they won’t.”

I knew she was right, but what would I talk about with Doug now? Maybe the newest styles in blouses? Or the great favorite…shoes? Then I thought, why not for Christ’s sake?

“Jen? Umm, am I, is Doug…you know, umm going to be dressed this evening?”

She laughed, “You just wear what you want today. If you want to dress up though I’ll help you. Relax; this is just a re-acquaintance of old friends with new realities. That’s all. Hot day coming though. You’re going to have to wear shorts and expose your shaved legs.”

“Yeah, I know. I’ve been thinking a lot about that. But you said Doug had his hair removed, so I think I can handle that. I’ll wear shorts, but I won’t dress up…except for the panties of course.” I thought for a second, “How long did it take for Doug to have his hair removed?”

Jen got up to butter some toast that had just popped. “They pushed it pretty hard I think. I thought she said eight months, but you can ask him.”

“Does she dominate him in every aspect of his life? I mean, umm, does she punish him for indiscretions? You know…spank him or tie him up, stuff like that?”

“Oh yeah, she’s worked him pretty good at times. His thought processes have been altered big time. She’s in total control.”

“Isn’t that kind of a waste? I mean, what about personal freedom to express and influence opinion? Is he seen but not heard? Does he have a life?”

Jen smiled sweetly while chewing on some toast and jam. Finally she said, “You have lots of questions, don’t you? Look, the way I see it, they have a marriage, and a marriage is give and take on both sides, wouldn’t you agree? Theirs is no different. I’m sure he expresses opinions on things, but she has the final say on all issues. And in sexual issues, there is no discussion; she does what she wants. It works for them, because that’s what he wants too. He has to want it.” She took a drink of coffee and then stared me in the eye, “Do you?”

Another question from her that I could not answer, and in my silence it was answered. I was in new territory, lifting my feet high, groping in the dark, trying to get a grip on things. Would I ever have that grip again? Did I ever really have it before?

It was 4:15. I had prepared the steaks, huge thick ones and had chilled the Ümraniye Grup Escort white wine for Jillian as I knew she favored that. I sat staring at the red wine in the decanter on the kitchen island and fretted. These were my friends coming to visit, but they were friends with secrets, only recently shared. I needed a drink, so I poured some wine for myself and went to the patio. Jen was on the computer surfing away, biding her time. I looked down at my legs, smooth as a baby’s bottom, and as I shifted in my chair my hairless genitals slipped and slid in my satin panties. Suddenly I became aroused and wanted to put my bra and garter belt on, get fully en femme. Then I heard the doorbell ring. Inwardly I groaned, but I went to the door and greeted our two best friends in the world.

I had never gone to acting school, but it felt like I was in practice now, “Jillian! Doug! Come on in. Got the air conditioner on, wine on ice, heat on the patio.”

I hugged Jillian and shook Doug’s hairless hand with perfectly sculpted fingernails. Oh God.

I literally ran back to the kitchen island and got them each a glass of wine, filled one for Jen, and refilled mine. I held my glass up and said, “Here’s to summer and friends. Cheers!”

The greetings over, the girls went off to the computer conspiratorially leaving Doug and me alone as we made our way to the patio. That’s when it got weird. I looked at his face, his perfectly slim and arched eyebrows, clearly plucked (now that I was in the know), his hairless legs and arms. He glanced at my legs but said nothing, taking a rather large sip, no…gulp, of wine. He was nervous too, I realized.

“So,” he said.

“So,” I said. Clear throat.

“Should have booked a tee time for today at Priddis,” he commented.

“Yeah, we should have I guess.” I went back to the kitchen to get the decanter of wine. Back on the patio, I set the wine on the table and sat down.

“Look,” we both said at the same time. We glanced at each other and laughed nervously.

“So, how does it feel to have to shave your legs,” Doug asked.

I couldn’t help it. I turned beet red and knocked back the glass of wine. “Feels weird,” I said, “So, I understand you got rid of your body hair.”

“Yeah, shaving was taking way too much time. Hey, I quit my job you know. As of August first. I’m a house husband now. Jillian wants me to be the housewife actually.” He paused. “Let’s cut the crap okay? These are the only male clothes I have left, since I quit my job.”

He was wearing a pair of kaki shorts and a tee shirt that said, “I used to be schizophrenic, but now we’re okay.” His feet were bare and his toenails were as perfectly done as his fingernails. There were traces of red polish in the corner of one nail.

“I see.” I was drinking too fast and I knew it, but it seemed necessary. “So, does she want you in the female role all the time now?”

“Yeah. I actually feel strange dressed like this. You wouldn’t believe what she gets me to wear.”

“When did it start?” I asked.

“The feminization? Oh, I guess it was about two years ago.”

I made a mental note. I had two years or less as a male.

He said, “I bet you’re wearing panties all the time now, right?”

“Yeah, she got rid of my other stuff.”

“Hmm, that’s the way it starts. You’ve got a long way to go. Enjoy the journey.”

“Doug, umm, do you…have you enjoyed this?” I asked.

“Yes and no. Yes, this is what I want, but no when I think of all the negativity from “normal” people. That’s the hardest part. The looks I get when I’m dressed as a male but I have no hair and my nails and eyebrows are done. That’s the main reason I quit work; it was too much heat. From now on, it’s full time female. Next time you see me, I’ll be a woman.” He looked down at his feet and seemed contemplative for a few moments. “I know you don’t understand yet, if ever, but I am really, really happy, for the first time in my life. Jill understands what I need, and I now understand Ümraniye Manken Escort what she needs. It works.”

“Jillian’s coaching Jen,” I said, “Should I be worried?”

“Depends on where she and you want this to go I guess. From listening to Jill, yeah, you should be worried. Jen in many ways is more of a control freak than my Jill. Won’t be long before she’s banging YOU in the ass. Does she want you to get breast implants too?”

“Wait,” I said, “Back up a bit. Banging me in the ass? Are you serious?” I thought about that for a second, “Jesus, what does that feel like? How does it make you feel?” The wine had worked its magic. We were talking freely about things that normal guys would never talk about.

He looked off toward the mountains. The sun glistened off his hairless legs. “The first time was the hardest. She tied me up, so I couldn’t move or resist. After the initial pain and humiliation was over, I had the most intense orgasm of my life. It strips away all definitions of masculinity and femininity. Once that prostate starts, it sends you to heights you never knew you had. I don’t know why or how, but she likes it too. A lot.”

“Are you gay?” I blurted out.

Doug looked at me and smiled, “No, not at all; I’m just sexual. Do I get turned on by a stunning looking woman? Yes. Do I get turned on by a man with a rough beard and rough hands screwing me in the ass? No, no, and no. Does Jill turn me on with everything she does and is? Yes. I used to get all screwed up trying to put things into neat little boxes, one labeled “gay”, the other “straight”. There’s a third one. I call it “crooked”. That’s where I am, twisted beyond fucking belief.”

We both burst out laughing and I said, “I’ll drink to that you perverted bastard!”

Jen and Jill bounced out into the sunlight, both giggling. “Should we tell them?” Jen asked.

“Sure, why not?”

“We see you two are over the hump so to speak, and we’re going to celebrate the last time you’ll see each other as males. Doug knows it already. Jake, you just found out. We’ve been internet shopping for you girls just now. There’s the coolest clothes on this femme site for trannies, and the bondage stuff. Ooo, I bet you can hardly wait.” Jen was lit up from the wine and was positively bubbling.

“Well Jen, that’s nice,” I said, “but I still have a job you know, and life goes on.”

The wives sat down in the sun. “Jackie, I don’t want to upset you too much, but do you know how much money I make, now that the business has firmed up? I’m over $500,000 a year. What are you…$75,000, $85,000? I phoned your boss on Friday and told him to fuck off and that you were quitting. I think he wants to speak to you Monday morning.”

There was silence. Then Jill blurted out, “You didn’t! You really did that? You never told me. Oh my God! I never even mentioned that you should do that. Oh my God! You are something else!”

Then everyone looked at me. I’m sure I was ashen. $500,000 a year? I was quitting my job? Last time as a male? Too much information. Too much wine in too short a time.

“Jen, no. Jen…, I…oh my God Jen. What the hell is going on here?” I felt compressed and my breathing felt shallow. All three of them were looking at me, knowing smiles on their faces. “What have you done? Jesus! This isn’t a game you know. This is real life!” I chugged a glass of wine.

Jen looked at Jill and Doug and said softly, “Would you excuse us please?”

When they had left, she sat down beside me so the sun was streaming red through her auburn hair, “It’s okay Jackie. I want this. You want this. I have it all planned out. Body hair gone in eight months, breasts before 12 months. You won’t have to be afraid or worried again in your life. Your secret will be forever hidden in your panties. I’ll take care of everything. That’s the way I want it, and that’s the way it’s going to be.”

I was drunk I think. I’m not sure. Everything was moving too fast.

“Do you want to get dressed up Jackie?”

“No Ümraniye Masöz Escort way. Doug and Jillian are here for Christ’s sake!”

“She’s dressing him right now.”

“What? Here? Now? Oh come ON!” I got up and paced the deck. “Jenny?” I said in exasperation.

Nonetheless I followed her into the bedroom. It was all a blur as I donned the bra with the squishy silicone inserts, garter belt and nylons, with a pencil stretch type skirt I hadn’t seen before and a white lacy blouse which she buttoned up the back. For the first time she slipped three inch heels on my feet. The makeup and wig transformed me as I swayed in my seat. Was I drunk with the wine, or was it something else?

While refreshing my lipstick, I entered the living room and waited for the final change in my life. Others were about to see me as a woman, and I didn’t really care. Take me or leave me, this was what I was. Fuck it. It would be a short talk with my boss on Monday morning.

Jill came out of the second bedroom and said triumphantly, “Please enter Elaine, formerly Doug. Taa daa!”

They had to have switched bodies, was my first thought. This could not be Doug. Then I realized that was true; this was Elaine. How they did it I don’t know, but she had a skin tight stretchy dress with long sleeves and a full neck, which painted itself over a perfect hourglass figure. The makeup was flawless and so was the hair. It was femininity to the nth degree. Elaine walked flawlessly in five inch stilettos over to the stools at the kitchen bar and sat down, her leg swishing over the other as she sat down to drink some wine. She smiled.

I couldn’t help it; I walked to her and gave her a hug, kissing her on the cheek, leaving a red smudge. It was a poignant moment, ending only when she said to me in deadpan, “Fuck off faggot.”

It was too much. Never had I laughed as hard as that night. I will probably never laugh that hard again, but I will laugh often, and meaningfully, with friends who know me, who truly know me.


I sit here now recalling all this, fifteen months later. I saw my boss that Monday morning, and indeed it was a short meeting. For fun I told him I was having a sex change and that I was quitting. He responded by calling me a fucking faggot and to get the fuck out of there, which was absolutely fine with me.

I had all the support I needed. Jen was fantastic, and always in control. Both Doug (I mean Elaine) and Jill were fine mentors, and the bondage items that the girls bought were well used over the months. I admit I have needed some “correction” periodically, and Jen was eager and able to set me straight.

The hair removal was a long and difficult road. It was often painful, but after nine months it was done. The face was the hardest. I will always have to return for treatments unless Jen decides that I should take female hormones, but that, if it happens, would be another story. Once I received my corset, there were endless weeks of corset training so that my waist is now comfortably at twenty-six inches (corseted). My hair has grown out and I get it styled once a month by Jen’s stylist.

One week ago, I removed my post surgery breast implant compression vest for the last time, and everything is in the right place and perfect. I decided on the saline type, under the muscle. Jen decided the size. There is no more soreness, and my C-cup breasts are only slightly bruised now. Finally I can wear more lacy bras if I feel like it. I had thought I could go braless, but I’m told that with implants, that is not wise, and also, I notice that the bouncing hurts a bit. I need the support. It will take a long time to get used to looking down at my own heavy breasts, but I will. I don’t have any idea what it will do to my golf game, but at least I can use the forward tees.

Keeping my fingernails this as long as they are now is a pain, but it sure finishes the sculpture. I pass without question now, and have a new passport so I can travel as a woman with the “three” other girls.

Would I do it all over again? Yes. It would have been a tragedy if I hadn’t.

The hardest part? Purses. I still don’t like them. It’s like carrying a suitcase everywhere, but then again I guess I need it, with all the makeup and such. Why aren’t women allowed to use their pockets anyway?

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